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  • @MrsRees Ahh amazing! So pleased for you! This is it for you, I’m so excited for your scan next week. 

    We are currently at the airport about to fly to Malaga to stay at our holiday home. Bit surreal, everyone has to wear masks. Bit scary!!
  • Have a brilliant time @MickeyS must be really weird experience so different to what we are used to for flying and going on holiday

    I'm really hoping your right and this is finally my turn but until I see the scan go well I think I'm just going to panic 
  • Pooh @MickeyS I’m so jealous! Have an amazing time!

    @MrsRees I hope so much that this is your rainbow! I feel really positive about it for you!!!

  • Hey everyone how are you all? 

    @MrsRees I definitely agree and think this is your time! Can’t wait to hear how your scan goes ❤️

    @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 how is potty training going? I think we’ve mastered it with Harry now! Yesterday I was in another room cleaning and Harry came running in saying mummy poo and I thought oh no he’s been on the floor! But nope he put himself on his potty & done a wee and a poo 😭 I was so proud of him, we only had one accident yesterday in the garden that’s it so I’m hoping he’ll just carry on and we can say goodbye to day time nappies! 

    @MickeyS I’m so jealous I hope you all have a great time! 

    @emj3 how are you & your beautiful children doing? 

    Harry looking really grown up yesterday 😭 

  • Also I said about going blonde I had it done in a salon the other day just to get closer to what I wanted, what do you all think?

  • Awww your hair is gorgeous @Mummytolilyandharry!! So long too! Harry looks so grown up and so does lily! They’re beautiful! 

    Matilda was 11 months yesterday and she’s cut 2 teeth properly! Her bunny ones!! She’s not doing too bad sleeping- she’s up at 6 though, which I know isn’t too bad but I could really do with it being 7!! Haha- actually 8!!😜😜

    I’m officially off steroids after 2 and a half years although I’ll prob end up bank on them but it means I don’t have to shield. However, because I go for weekly blood tests, it’s now routine to go for a monthly coronavirus swab test! 😬😬😬 mine’s on Sunday and I’m scared of the test. It doesn’t look nice!!! 

    Also, I’m feeling really broody, I’d love another baby but It’s not a good idea with my low platelets etc! I’m trying to concentrate on losing weight and being healthy instead. I’ve lost 4 stone since February but still need about another 3 off, which is just ridiculous. 3 pregnancies in less than 2 years, plus steroids- is not good!!🙈🙈

    how is everyone?xxxx
  • @Mummytolilyandharry we have temporarily given up on potty training until daddy is back to work. He was giving in and letting her wear a nappy when she was asking for one. We are hoping his restaurant will reopen at the end of the month! Your hair is fab btw, and how much do Lily and Harry look alike??? They're both gorgeous!

    @MickeyS have a fantastic holiday. 

    @MrsRees hopefully not too many days for you now. I'm more impatient for your scan than I was for mine. Hope you're keeping well! 

    @EmJ3 how are you and the kids getting on? 

    Evie has decided she likes to dress herself these days. She has some interesting fashion choices, usually just wellies, hat and a nappy but she can do what she likes when we're at home. Jamie was 7 months the other day. He's decided to celebrate by standing against furniture and crawl/slug shuffling after his sister. I hoped I'd have longer like with Evie 😂

  • Thanks girls scan is a week today, I'm trying to keep busy to keep myself from worrying but it's hard 

    Yay for Harry @Mummytolilyandharry that's amazing he's doing so so well and I love the blonde you have such lovely long hair

    @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I can't belive Jamie is 7 months that's gone so fast, I love wheh babies choose their own clothes it's so cute and funny what they decide on

    @EmJ3 that's good that your off the stwriods and we'll done on the weightless that's amazing
    I'd lost a fair bit of weight before lockdown and getting pregnant but it's slowly going back on now which is to be expected I guess in pregnancy I really think it was the loosing weight that's helped me to finally fall 
  • @EmJ3 we cross posted I think! I'd love another baby too, I'm super broody but with 2 under 2 I can't imagine another 9 months of puke! 
  • @EmJ3 thank you! He actually cut loadsss of hair off so I’m surprised when people say it’s long it looks short to me now 😂 awww only 1 month til shes 1 eeeek so exciting I Love first birthdays! Oh god I know how you feel I get home from work just after 6am and both kids are already up, it’s been very tiring since I’ve gone back to work 😭 well done on the weight loss that’s amazing!! @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 Ahh was he, it’s not a good idea to give in but if she’s not ready it’ll only make the situation worse, you’ve done the right thing waiting! Thank you xD they’re so similar! I think they just have different eyes! Harrys eyes are bigger than lilys, But they’re so similar I’ll look at lilys baby photos and I have to double take because I think it’s Harry haha! Awww bless her! If she’s anything like lily she’ll want to wear her coat and jumpers in the summer and summer dresses in the winter 🙃😂 they’re such cute photos! Beautiful babies can’t believe Jamie’s 7 months that’s flown by! I also think your crazy for wanting another baby 😂 @MrsRees eeeeeek not long at all! Can’t wait!
  • For the first time today I was actually sick instead of just nausea I'm 11w3d can't believe I was actually sick, my bodies waited till this late to actually be sick 😂😂

    I'm hoping this is a sign that things are going well 
    I'm. Terrified for my scan though, I just can't picture it going well even though all the signs show that it will
    I just want the time to go fast and to know what the outcome already
    I'm sooo scared 
  • @MrsRees when is it?

    im the same, the last week I’ve felt sicker than ever and heartburn has kicked in, the other night I woke up and was sick was like pure acid 🤢

    my scans not till 22nd and feels sooo far away 😬

    I have a very good feeling about this pregnancy for you and all your signs are looking good!

    what did you end up doing about work? Xx
  • @Bobble321 scan is Friday 17th at 1:50 I'm really hoping that all will be OK as everything is showing fine but I just can't picture it, I think because of the previous losses I've lost the ability to imagine it all going OK

    Yikes that sounds awful acid sick is the worst, my sickness was gone for ages and all of a sudden came back today and actually made me sick which really shocked me

    I haven't been to work since I found out I was pregnant if all goes well I will be back on the 20th but with a new schedule with an easier work load 
  • Not long now then! Mines the following Tuesday
    im not overly buzzing about going by myself, sure you feel the same :( 
    sickness is good, many people have said for years it’s a sign of a health pregnancy! 
    Honest don’t worry about work, what’s your sickness policy like? I literally managed to work with rosie till I was 17 weeks pregnant then just had a massive break down in the doctors about the anxiety and the heavy work (I’m a nurse) I was lit hyperventilating I think he was like wtf do I do 😂 but in the end I got signed off from then on, went onto maternity at 36 weeks and it was the best decision I could of made, it just wasn’t worth any risk to me
    This time around it’s different as I’m in an office based job so hoping it won’t make me anxious or anything xxxx

  • The doctors have been really good with my history and signed me off and my work are really good too and will do everything to make sure I take it really easy 
    I'm a carer in a dementia care home 
    I can't wait to go back my co workers are like family 

    This is the first pregnancy I've had Nausea so that's always good

    I'm so glad we are close together for all this 
  • Oh that’s great, mine were basically the opposite so I was like byeeeeee! 
    But now the people I work with are lush and I don’t think they’d let me get stressed or anything; at least when they know still havnt revealed at work yet! 
    Does your family know?
    Defos all good signs
    and ikr! I’m so sad it’s took you a long time but so glad I get to see it through with you! Xxx
  • @mrsrees and @Bobble321 I literally gave everything crossed for you both,

    You’re nearly at that scan stage which I know is scary but I really hope everything’s good with all the signs and symptoms you’re both having.

  • Thankyou ❤️
  • Thank you @EmJ3
    Yeah my mum dad and nan know, they all live in the same house and I couldn't not tell them and my neice knows but she guessed and started doing stuff to help me out, her and her bf started carrying everything and insisting I didn't carry anything so I figured out they knew 😂😂

    I can't wait to be able to tell everyone at work they will be so excited for me, I know most of them have guessed that I'm pregnant and thstd why I'm off work but my manager has been good at keeping it quiet and my mum and nan and husband have come up with excuses at work for me as we all work together too 
  • I am so gutted they are changing the rules in Wales for partners going to scans on Monday but my scan is on Friday so I just miss out 😭

    12 weeks today though so thsts good 
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