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  • Yes I do have an EPU but the midwife didn’t mention that which was weird and said to go to a&e! I think you have to be referred by your doctor to go to the epu I think? I had to with my first miscarriage x
  • I would maybe go to a and e then because they’ll get you an appt at EPU xxxx
  • I agree with everyone else @MickeyS I'd try to get seen by epu for reassurance even if it means going through A&E at the minute it's really hard to get seen by them round by me I don't know about your area so a referral from them would definetly help 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I’m sure Jamie will be fine, will take him a little while to settle, but he’ll get there :) I’m wondering what Harry will be like starting play school next year, lily screamed everyday going to play school so I’m wondering if he’ll be the same 😳 I agree as long as she’s getting a nap that’s the most important thing! Harry didn’t have one yesterday either 😔 he seems knackered this morning so I’m hoping he’ll have one today! Hahaha I bet the delivery man loved that! 

    @MrsRees lovely names! I really like aria for a girl but Luke didn’t 🙄 so we settled on Amelia if Harry was a girl! 

    @MickeyS How are you feeling now? Did you contact EPU/A&E

    hope everyone’s well! 

    Here’s Harry in his new ‘house’ 😂

  • Hi everyone. This thread has now topped the 1k post mark so we have started you a Part 2 continuation thread here
    Please do come on over, and we'll lock this thread in a day or so. 
  • @MickeyS how are you today?

    Awww @Mummytolilyandharry the ‘toys’ they find eh!!! He’s so cute! 

    @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 that’s Funny about going to the door!!!

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