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  • Love the pictures mummyto3&h so glad lily had a lovely birthday and birthday party, yeah that would explain why she played up a bit it’s a  lot going on 

    I understand what you mean by the dates, i’ll Remember the dates everything happned with mc forever and hope important days don’t land on them but I try to be at work for those days especially December 3rd my First due date as my baby should have been 1 and it feels like time is flying I understand now how people say love them as babies because it doesn’t last long, just for me my baby is an angel and I don’t get to celebrate like normal mums, I will just light a candle and have a cry 

  • Hope you don’t mind me jumping on but I wanted to see how you were all doing now your rainbows have been born. Sometimes i just need a bit of inspiration and knowing that things have worked out for you really helps. Loving the pictures of all these beautiful babies and Lily’s birthday. 

    mummytolily&harry, I’m back on SW and going to the gym! The joys. You don’t look like you have much to lose at all, if any! 

    time does fly, my eldest is 13 now and it feels like only yesterday she was starting primary school! Enjoy

  • Whale chick freyja is gorgeous. Glad she's putting on weight and just ignore the mil!

    Ele congrats on your business. I hope Leo settles down soon.

    Mummytolilyandharry I hope Lily had a lovely day. She's so beautiful. I guess there is a chance you might get caught but it's probably a small chance. Do keep us updated.

    Mrs fish I'm sorry you had an argument with your friend. I think she's being quite unreasonable to be honest considering you're on mat leave! How's your ttc journey going? What's your son doing next now school is over?

    Mrs Rees I agree that sounds like a lot of work but i understand why you want to do it. 🤞 for you.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments about Hallie! I agree of course but I am biased lol. She's teething at the moment poor thing and has started taking an extra bottle - luckily during the day so doesn't break our sleep lol. Not sure if that's to do with her teeth and comfort eating! She's a right fatty haha!


    Playing with the left overs of daddy's dessert. She didn't eat any of course haha just enjoyed mushing it on the plate haha

  • awww she is sooo cute lisil I love the cute little rolls on baby arms and legs she’s clearly happy and loves her dinner which is a really good thing :) 

    im not going to do the sperm meets egg plan at the minute as I’m just starting again with trying I’m trying to keep relaxed nd just hve fun hoping that will work 

    mummytolilyandharry I guess there is a chance but I guess there’s no knowing for a while unless af arrives or you start getting symptoms my cousin got pregnant before first af after pregnancy and didn’t know till 5 months

  • Mummytolily agree with Mrs Rees there is a chance, but who knows, periods are all over the place post birth.  If you really don’t want this to happen then I would suggest morning after pill. Defo test in a couple of weeks if you have decided to wait and see....

    Mrs Rees we are also just going with the flow at the mo, after my birthday trip in November we might start getting serious with it, and hopefully I might have started OV by then - I used some old opk strips and didn’t get a positive, but to be honest never did in the past either - I think I drink/wee too much 😂😂

    Lisl have you started weening yet? We did for a week or so, but have had a busy few days so have let it slip 😬  I don’t think she is ready yet anyhow....

    Amelie was weighed on Friday - 12lb10, she pit on 8oz in2 weeks, so a good consistent gain over the last 6 weeks, but still on the 5th percentile....

    Thanks for asking about my Big one Lisl.  He is off to college to do multi skills.  We think eventually driving will be a good career option for him, but he will learn me skills at college including painting and decorating, bricklaying, carpentry etc.  If there is something there he really likes then he will follow that as a career pathway.  He doesn’t really know what he wants to do at the mo....

    Emj you are very welcome to come join us.  I hope it is inspiring for you to see that After such heart ache there is that rainbow and pot of gold to aim for! 

    Amelie is 5 months today, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone!! She is sitting for short periods of time now and finally starting to Stand on her feet 🎉

  • Whalechick how’s the feeding going? X

  • Emj3 that’s why I come over here too, I’ve known these girls for 18 months or something like that and are a huge part of my journey and support system really couldn’t get through it without them and I love seeing all the babies too feel like I’ve almost watched them grow kinda, if that makes sense I’ve seen the whole journey from loss to rainbows 🌈 

    mrs fish yeah I didn’t stress last time and I got pregnant so going to try to keep to that mentality nd hope it works 

    that’s a good schedme the college are doing will be good for your boy to get to experience a variety, it’s hard to decide why you want to do withou having a go at it 

  • Got busy with bedtime and feeding but here are a few pics



  • Mrs Rees it definitely Does not last long, it feels like yesterday I was holding lily in my arms and now I can barely lift her 😂 you will get to celebrate one day ❤️ 

    Emj the more the merrier! I have about 3 stone 6lb I want to shift! I’m hoping for a bigger loss this week or next as my body should be pretty much back to normal now that he’s nearly 6 weeks old! How much do you want to lose? I do love sw because of the amount you can eat but I do miss a good sandwich no way am i using all my syns on bread and I don’t like wholemeal 🤢😂 we had Thai green curry tonight And it was just 😍😍😍 

    lisil I’ll definitely keep you updated but agree it’ll be very unlikely! Hallie looking beautiful as always you’re definitely gunna have all the boys knockinng your door when she’s a teenager! 

    Mrs fish it’s not that I really don’t want it to happen it’s just very soon but I don’t want to take the morning after pill because I’ll always be wondering what if so I’d rather just know for myself that i never was if that makes sense! And if it turns out I am then great I’d be more than happy to have another one but I’d be very surprised if I am after only doing it once because we won’t be doing it again until I’m on contraception! I’m thinking of getting the implant this time Ive had it before  hopefully that’ll be alright agaiN! How cute does Millie look in her little hat 😍😍😍

    anyone seen the weird hand thing footballer dele alli done that no one could do before it was explained? I caught Harry attempting it last night 😂 


    And just another cute one from yesterday 😍


  • Awww these babies are actually too cute for words. They should be baby models! 

    Mummytolilyandharry, I need to lose another 2 stone really. Lost 2 stone recently but put about 6lb on over the holidays! Yikes!!! I wouldn’t be skinny then but just a nice healthy weight. SW is good. I do a couple of the SP days a week and it seems to speed things up a bit. 

    Been to see the consultant today over the low platelets I‘ve had in the last 2 pregnancies that I’ve lost- something to do with pregnancy and a lower immune system and blood clotting. didn't have them with my 2 other children so it’s a little worrying but he doesn't seem concerned and really doesn’t think that’s why I’ve miscarried. So hopefully when the platelets have gone up in a couple of weeks, we can try again. My mum and dad think I should forget this year, as it’s been a bad/unlucky one,  and try in the new year but not sure I want to wait. I’m 37 already!

  • EmJ, its heart breaking to lose 2, I lost one and then one of my twins, luckily I managed to carry Millie although it was a Real high risk pg throughout 😔

    I am 39, so with you with the age, every time I have a period K few like it’s a missed opportunity! Ky you will know inside if you are ready to try again, and when you are ready to go again.  It’s so hard not knowing why you have lost 2 in a row, and although really rare, it does happen.  Just know we are all here for you whether you decide to start trying straight away or next year xxx

  • Thanks MrsFish. Seeing the gorgeous pictures of Millie and the other babies make me think it can happen, although I know it won’t be easy! You’ve had it so hard- it’s so difficult isn’t it. We’ve all been through so much. 

    fingers crossed!!!xxx

  • Sorry for the delayed reply, mrsfish, breast feeding is going well, we have had to introduce topping up in the evening with 2pz bottles of formula as she feeds so much, but other than that we are doing well. 

    Loving the photos of the babies, they have got so big! Can’t believe Amelie is already sitting on her own! And Harry is just adorable, mummytoL+H :) love his delli alli hand, lol. 

    Freyja is 3 weeks 2 days, and is so good. She has been steadily putting weight on and is almost 9lb now, and wants to do everything herself, even to the point where she almost rolls over, and has great head control already. 


  • Whale chick I am in love with the first picture if I ever manage to have a baby girl you have to give me the details of where I can get that outfit 

    freyja is stunning 

  • I am too whale chick!!! She’s beautiful!xxx

  • Mamas and papas! They do the most amazing tutus and co-ordinating tops, we got her a autumnal coloured outfit today with a berry coloured tutu, I can’t wait til it fits her. The jacket is grandma knit. 

    and you will have your baby, I have total faith that your time will come :) 

  • i may need to borrow her grandma haha none of my family can knit haha 

    yeah I know my time will come (wish it would bloody hurry up though) every cd seems to take forever and this cycle has been so confusing with the bleeding at cd 19/20 only lasted 24hrs but was kinda heavier than spotting but not anywhere near a af bleed either so confused by it all I’ve never had mid cycle bleeding ever 

  • Lol she would happily do it, Freyja has so many cardigans, hats, and booties I cant wear them all on her, lol. 

    Give yourself time and your cycles will work themselves out a bit. It is strange with the mid cycle bleed but it may have been implantation and just heavier than it usually is? 

    we had our last midwife visit today, and at 3w3d. Freyja is a pound over her birth weight! I’m amazed she is growing so fast, but definitely feel the weight as I hold her, lol.

  • Freyja looks absolutely beautiful whale chick loving all the pink! 

    Mrs Rees I’m hoping it’s implatation bleeding for you! 

    emj how are you doing? 

    Lisil how are you & Hallie? when is it you go on holiday? 

    im Having a nightmare with Harry’s injections! They’ve booked him in when he’s 11 weeks and I’m not happy about him having to wait an extra 3 weeks! I’ve offered to go to any surgery to have them done they’ve refused! There’s 3 surgeries down that road alone! I live in a big city there hundreds of them! Lily’s just started school and could pick up anything and pass it to him! The receptionist laughed and said he won’t catch anything i said What’s the bladdy point in him having them in the first place then! I am so fuming! I finally had my 6 week check today after they cancelled two other appointments!! I am so upset About it all! Today’s a year since miscarriage started I’m worried about Lily at school and now all of this 😭 

    on the plus side harrys now 7 weeks and weighing 12lB 1oz 😍 my little chunky monkey! 


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