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  • Sort I've been mia recently. We've been on holiday but home now!

    Mrs fish that scheme your son in doing sounds fab. So good to give him a taste of so many things. I'm sure he'll love it and find his favourite very soon! We haven't started weaning yet but she did have a tiny lick of mummy's ice cream on holiday 🙈 and a tiny tiny taste of mash potato. Like smaller than a pea 😂 well done Millie for sitting up!! Hallie isn't quite there yet. She still.wobbles over very soon after we sit her up but it won't be long!

    Mrs Rees and emj hang in their! I've every faith your times will come.

    Whale chick freyja is just beautiful 😍 and I also love the outfit. So precious!

    Mummytolilyandharry I'm sorey you're having such a crappy time and that the surgery is being so crap. I'm sure Harry will be fine but I completely understand your worry, I'd be the same. And as if they messed you around with your 6 week check 😡 so annoyed for you. Has Lily started school yet? Bet she's loving it isn't she!

    Hope everyone else is well. Ele hope your 2 are well and Leo is settling back into school ok after the long break.

    Here's a few holiday pics:






    And also Hallie covered in custard after messy play yesterday 😂😂😂


  • lisil, Hallie‘s just gorgeous!!! Looks like a fab holiday!!!

    And mummytolily&harry, I can’t believe how the days/weeks are flying. He’s too cute!!! It sounds  like your doctor’s is s bitvof a nightmare. I totally get why you’re annoyed and also with the anniversary of your miscarriage and lily  starting school, you’re going to be very emotional. 

    I‘m Just plodding really. Back to work after the summer holidays and that’s keeping me busy. Have an appointment to double check platelets in October so when that’s done hopefully we can start trying again. 


  • Morning ladies! Thought I'd pop over and see how you were all getting on now I'm officially a mummy too!

    Today was my scheduled induction date and I'm feeling so lucky Evelyn decided not to wait. I think I've spent the last 6 days staring at her in awe and bugging everyone with a billion pictures of her.

    I'm wondering if anyone is able to give me a few tips for getting her to settle more quickly at night? She's an angel all day and sleeps in 4 hour stretches then after her first night feed she turns into a gremlin! I'm trying my best with the night light on the lowest setting, trying not to talk to her too much etc. I've also been swaddling her but hubby gets up at the back of me and releases her hands (makes me rage). Last night we tried the hip healthy grow swaddle and it seems to have worked wonders but I don't want to invest in more until I'm sure that's why she slept!

    Hope all of your rainbows are doing well, I can't believe how big some of them are getting - and even more adorable than ever!

    Here's some Evie spam.... (Any tips for clearing her gunky eye properly? I've been using just cotton wool and water but it's starting to worry me that there's something wrong)


  • Lisil so glad you had a good time! Looks like beautiful Hallie enjoyed herself as well! The custard picture makes me laugh looks as though she’s had a bath in custard 😂

    Emj thank you my constant nagging paid off as he’s now having them on the 17th he’ll be 8 weeks and 4 days!

    mrsB massive congrats Evelyn is just beautiful! Do you have a ewan the sheep? That’s always helped with settling harry at night time there’s a heartbeat sound on it which will remind her of being inside and make her feel all safe! Don’t worry at all about her gunky eye harry also had it quite bad (see pic) and all I used was a cotton pad with warm water and it cleared up after a couple of weeks! Hope everything is going well Other than that! 


  • Lisil glad your holiday went well I love the pic of Hallie in the mini mouse outfit so cute 

    awww Evelyn is so sweet mrs b the healthy hip swadlle things sound really good and the Ewan the sheep too hope she settles soon for you 

    mummy to l+h that’s a nightmare they are making you wait and that you actually had to fight to have his injections done at a proper time it’s rediculous they preach how important they are and then mess you around 

  • MummytoL+H, I haven't got anything like the dream sheep. Hubby is insisting that white noise gives him a headache and shuts me down any time I mention it. She's inconsolable just now and there's not much. I can do for her really. He's getting on my last nerve, which I'm sure is just hormones but he doesn't get it. He's tired you know.... 

    I would be raging about the injections too. They go on and on about how important they are then fob you right off. Can you make a complaint to the surgery?

  • Harry now has an appointment on the 18th so he’ll be 8 weeks and 4 days! My constant moaning and phoning them worked xD! 

    Mrs b hormones and being exhausted! I can’t tell you how many times me & oh had blazing arguments at 3an when lily was a baby! Its such a massive change! Is he helping much during the night? With harry I’ve had my oh go downstairs & make his bottles whilst I change his nappy & then oh will go back to sleep whilst I feed him luckily that’s worked for us this time! With Ewan there’s 4 different sounds & only one of them is white noise you just press his legs 😜 how long does it take for Evelyn to settle after a fed? 

  • Aw MummytoL+H I'm glad! You must be so relieved. 

    He ended up letting me get some sleep last night and he sat with her for a bit. She was really unsettled but we changed her onesie and somehow that made her go to sleep. That was at 2:30 and she's just up. 

    During the day she settles really quickly, at night she just wants to be cuddled. My mum had got her a lights and sounds bunny from Aldi and she loves it but as soon as it's off she's back to square one! 


  • MrsB, sorry to hear you are having problems with Archie settling - we had similar and the only way we could get her to sleep was on her tummy - totally not recommended and has been a nightmare for my anxiety, but the second we put her on her back she would be wide awake! She still sleeps on her tummy now, luckily she is older and can move her head, but she like to sleep with her head in the top corner of the next to me! We think it is because the placenta was in her face in the womb.....


    This was from the summer! She still sleeps in exactly the same place and will move herself until she is there.....

    I had my first day back at work yesterday 😳 Kit day, am desperate for the money, so will try and get in 10 if pos before I go back in Jan.  hoping to go back full time but work longer days and so my hours over 4 days.  Was going to drop a day, but will end up doing the same amount of work anyway! 

    My period finally turned up again yesterday, was 5 weeks this time, I got EWCM last Wednesday, have done a bit of research and often Luteal phase is short when bf.  She will be 6 months in a couple of weeks, and I plan to stop after our holiday in November to give ourselves a good chance of catching properly.....

    Lisl your pics are great, she is such a gorgeous happy bab!! Looks like you had an amazing time 😁 how was the flight? Did you get a sky cot? 

    MummytoL&H glad you got the injections sorted out, we had ours a bit late too as nurse was away one week and the next week I turned up the wrong day - oops....


    This is from our day out in London on Saturday with our 2 boys and future DIL 

    I hope everyone else is doing well? X

  • Mrs B, so sorry autospell ‘Evelyn’ not Archie!! 

  • awww Mrs fish how cute, babies don’t like to follow those safety rules do they haha very cute glad that you cycles seem to be working themselves out :) 

    mine still causing a problem as still bleeding has been like 10 days of spotting now, sometimes red sometimes brown and it’s on nd off very confusing am Gunna try to get dr appointment in the morning 

  • Did you take a test - just in case MrsRees? 

    MrsB, I am just catching up on forum, how’s the feeding going? I saw you raised some worries on the other page...

    I am crap at expressing, and can still now only get a tiny bit out, and find it far more uncomfortable than feeding, just goes to show how different we all are.  

    BF is super hard in the first month, painful, heartbreaking and stressful.  I would say just stick with it, and Mother Nature will sort it all out! We are still bf at almost 6 months and one of the proudest things I have ever done! The more formula/bottles you give, the more difficult it is for baby to take from the boob.  We ended up spending days in bed at around 2/3weeks doing skin to skin and just relaxing and feeding, shut the rest of the world out - it defo paid off and we haven’t looked back after the first month.  if you have any specific questions do ask xx Also I was lucky not to have any other little ones needing attention xx

  • No haven’t tested as it started on cd 19 which is far too early for me to be pregnant I’m due on in bout a week so it’s been going on since around ovulation or where ovulation should have been anyway 

  • Mrs Fish what a gorgeous photo!  Breast feeding is going crap and to be honest I've as good as given up. She'll sometimes latch onto one side but the other she wont even touch and ends up screaming bloody murder if I try. Pumping from that side is also proving to be a big issue. She's just such a hungry girl and she's getting herself worked up, which then reduces me to tears because I can't do it. I know breast is best but for my sanity I'm really starting to think bottle-feeds are better for us! 

    On the bright side she settled much more easily last night and was only up twice at 2 and 5:30 which I don't think is too bad at a week old. We also had her newborn shoot yesterday and she slept right through that too - from what we saw on her camera before we left I think I'm going to want every single photograph so hubby better get his wallet out 😂😍.

    MrsRees fingers crossed you get to the bottom of the spotting. I think I would have given in and tested by now in your shoes, but I totally understand why you aren't too keen to especially at this point in your cycle!

    Lisil who did you fly with? We're flying BA to Philadelphia at the end of November and wondering how it will work. Also how hard was it sorting a passport for Hallie? We need to get Evelyn's but not sure what the photo requirements are for such a small baby. I mean, realistically I could supply a picture of almost any baby - in 10 weeks she's going to look nothing like the picture anyway 😂!

    This is my new favourite picture of the dog sharing her toy with her baby sister 😍....


  • Mrs b I’m so glad your oh is letting you get some sleep too! Maybe the sleepsuits she had on was uncomfortable for her? Must be so hard for babies to go from completely naked for so long to have a nappy and clothes on 😭 awww bless her at least you know you can use that to settle her! Harry’s the complete opposite now he sleeps all night but never settles throughout the day he very rarely lets me put him down I think I’m gunna get a wrap to keep him close! I had a nightmare with breastfeeding and after a week or two of fighting with harry and being in tears I gave up and just let him have bottles I didn’t want to remember the first weeks of his life being so upset! fed is best! You’re her Mummy you know what’s best for her 

    mrsfish i bet you were petrified when she was a newborn 😬 but Didn’t they used to recommend babies sleep on there tummies years and yearsago? I’m sure my mum put me on my tummy so can’t be that bad! Ooh did you! I missed a health visior appointment today 😬 ... oops! I’m so glad he’s having them on time now my biggest worry was lily picking up something at school and passing it on to him 😭

    Mrs Rees I have everything crossed! You deserve a baby more than anyone I know! 

    When did everyone get there first af? I had some spotting a few days ago that turnt into nothing! Harry’ll Be 8 weeks Thursday! 

    My little bunny 💙


  • Gorgeous pics ladies!!! Can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by!xxx

  • MrsB I had exactly the same with feeding, just pushed through it and then it settled.  When they are fixed fed it is much easier to take a bottle, so they tend to want that Over boob.  I used to offer her a boob at every feed (both side) sometimes she would scream her head off and refuse to take it, so I would then give her expressed milk and if none of that left formula, and then express again.  Some feeds she would scream and scream - completely broke my heart, but one of my best friends is a mid wife and has bf 3 kids.  She reassured me I was doing the right thing and to persevere.  I was probably at the same stage you are, as she wasn’t taking anything at all from me, and was ready to give up.  I have it a couple more days, with a lot of skin to skin and it all switched round and picked up.  As mummytoL&H said, you have to do what is best for you and Evelyn.   often there is Bf specialist drop-ins that you could go to if you wanted.  i Really wish there was more support and guidance around bf and that we were all prepared for how hard it actually is, but I do want to reassure you that if you can push past the first month, it does absolutely get really easy xx 

  • Awww thankyou mummy to l+h I really can’t wait for the day to be a mummy, like chandler said about Monica when talking to the birth mother of the twins I’m already a mummy i just need a baby, I will always be a mummy to my angels but I do want a baby I can hold and love 

    at least this Egypt holiday is something I can look forward to knowing I will have this holiday will help get me through it 

    mrs b your doing amazing you have to do what is right for you and Evelyn but like Mrs fish said some quality time skin to skin may help keep it as natural and calm and quiet as you can and give it your best shot if it doesn’t work at least Evelyn will be fed and happy on formula too you really can’t go wrong A fed baby is a happy baby breast or bottle 

  • Thanks ladies, we've been doing skin to skin most evenings anyway just because I find it calming. She just nuzzles down to my boob then falls asleep instantly 😂! 

    MummytoL+H I love Harry's bunny ears 😍. Are you going to get him a wee costume for Halloween? My mum's in Florida and I can guarantee theres a Disney costume coming our way 😂! I feel bad, I went into labour the day after they left and she's desparate to get home for a cuddle! 

    MrsRees what part of Egypt are you off to? It sounds like exactly what you need after everything and I'm sure you'll come home super relaxed.

    We just got the sneak preview of our newborn shoot yesterday back and I'm desparate to show you all - but we promised not to save them and post on social media 😂 terrified that she finds out!

  • I am holding a (baby) haloween party - sooooooo excited!! A Disney costume is amazing!! 

    Mrs Rees, how many more days until you can test?  When are you off to Egypt? That’s sounds like just what you need - a break and some sun, sex sea and sand 😂😂

    Harry is super cute MummytoL&H 

    MrsB, it sounds like you are doing an amazing job looking after Evelyn.  Be proud of yourself, it is super hard looking after a new borN.  Especially with sleep deprivation and all the other added difficulties! it sounds like Evelyn is loving the skin to skin so much she is so relaxed she drops off 😂😂

    I used to put Amelie down in the middle of the bed/floor to wake herself back up to continue feeding.  She still falls asleep after Pretty much every feed xx

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