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  • Thanks for setting this up Mrs Fish 💗

  • Hey everyone 🖐🏻

  • Hi ladies, I don't have my rainbow baby in my arms yet but hoping it will be there soon so will follow xx

  • Glad you all have made it, I think we have all been on such a huge journey together, for me it is important to celebrate that and see the development of our little bubbas.  Also to know for those who are still in that journey to support each other in the same way we did for one and other 😁

    Today I got one of these - love it already and wonder if my Mama’s and Papa’s is going to get moved to the loft 😬

    My bubba has barely used her carry cot, as she hates it, we use car seat on wheels so this  seems perfect for taking the tube/train/travelling etc we are going manning to get away beginning of September and was told this can be used as hand luggage?? We will see!! 

    Today little lady refused expressed milk from a bottle whilst I was attending an appointment in a London so she didn’t feed for 6 hours during the day 😣 totally won’t help her lack of weight gain, especially as she has had a bit of an upset tummy again......

  • That's such a fancy gadget Mrs fish! Never seen them before. Perfect for travel as you say.

    I'm sorry that she refused the bottle :-( I know her weight mist be stressful for you but maybe she is just going to be tiny. At least she's putting weight on. It's better than losing it I guess although I understand why you're worried about the slow weight gain.

    Mummytolily I forgot to reply on the other thread - you know my struggles with breast feeding. All I will say is you need to do what makes you happy as happy mum equals happy baby.

    Hallie was 4 months on Sunday 😮 how did that happen?!



  • Lisil I literally have a headache from stressing about it ☹️ But harry clearly doesn’t want to do it And he just wants a bottle I feel as though he’s gunna hate me if I keep shoving my nipple in his face ☹️ I think I need to call it quits and just let him have a bottle and be happy and hopefully I’ll stop crying From feeling like an absolute failure! I only have myself to blame it was me who gave him the bottle! I never breastfed lily at all and never felt bad, it never even crossed my mind so I don’t know why I feel so bad now, I just loved the bond we had when I was feeding but I have the best bond with lily so I don’t know why I think it’d be any different on bottles this time! I just want a proper little mummy’s boy 😂 I’m just an emotional wreck at the moment but I always get like this 😂 you should see me the evening of lilys birthday balling my eyes out because it’s all over again for another year 😂 Hallie is absolutely beautiful! Can’t believe she’s 4 months already!! 

    mrs fish ooh I have seen those & they look great! they look so handy! Sorry to hear she wouldn’t take from a bottle ☹️ We have opposite babies haha! How much does she weigh now? 

    What formula do the formula fed babies have? I’ve been using cow & gate, we used aptamil with lily but after earring loads of babies being poorly from the new formula I thought best not to risk it! 

    Here’s a photo straight after Harry’s birth! I’m quite proud of it as everyone has said I don’t look like I’ve just given birth 😂


    Here’s a few of harry of the last few days 


  • Hearing not earring 😂😂 

    & Mrs fish I have caved and given him a dummy 😭 but he definitely won’t be having it as long as lily had hers!! 

  • He is gorgeous! And everyone is right, you don't look like you've just given birth.

    I know exactly what you mean. I was an emotional wreck too. Crying, Hallie was crying, it was just a mess and got in the way of us enjoying our first few days together properly. I was so much happier as soon as I let go from it all. 

    We use the aldi mamia formula and aptamil ready made when out and about. They have changed the ready made formula thankfully and the aldi one is apparantly similar to the old aptamil one.

    I know, I can't believe 4 months has gone by so fast. I just wish time would slow down but at the same time I'm loving seeing her little personality come out.

  • Hope you don’t mind me joining in, I wanna keep up with how you guys are doing, I definetly feel like I’ve been around for all of your journeys and want to see these rainbow babies grow :) will only be doing oooh and awwww’s will leave my moaning and complaining to the other group but really hope you will all keep on the other page too and as you would all still be a big support to everyone there tloo xxx

  • Mrs Rees you are so welcome to come here and moan and groan, you are part of our little cyber family! I just felt that as there were so many of us with bubba’s now, that perhaps we were taking over the page a bit like when we all got bfp’s and took over the ttc page 😂.  The pages and support are amazing, and have defo helped me through some dark and anxious times.....

    Mummytilily tou look amazing in your pic!! dedo don’t look like you have just squeezed out a bubba.  How did the feeding go yesterday?  I used to say right that’s it 24 more hours and then I will quit if it doesn’t improbe, and then luckily it would!  I saw a documentary advertised for bf on Monday night, it might be dispatches, not sure - might be worth a watch. 

    My little princes gained 8oz this week, which is just a little less than she gained in the last 8 weeks, so I do wonder if the HV scales were a little off - we are now a hefty 11lb11 😂😂 And 17 weeks old!! So dirmly on 9th centile which is far better than the 2nd! 

    We are half way through our 2 week incubation after possible exposure ro chicken pox, I do hope she doesn’t get it!! 

    Yeaterday was due day for grand daughter 2, but won’t be seeing her until we defo know that Millie hasn’t got the pox 😔

  • Thanks lisil! I don’t know if I’m ready to give up yet 😭 I keep changing my mind, I know i really want to but I feel like harry doesn’t want to and I know that’s because it comes out of the bottle easier 😭 its lovely when they have there own little personality 😍 

    Mrs Rees of course not we want you to come with us! Wouldn’t be the same on here without you! 

    Mrs Fish thank you xD I’m so pleased with that photo the one with lily I look awful hahaha I managed to feed him for the whole of 10 minutes yesterday before he refused it! So I expressed and he happily had it out of the bottle, I just really don’t want to give up but I don’t know what else to try 😭 I saw a Midwife today and she said just express every 3 hours which just isn’t possible for me having lily as well, it’d literally take over my life I wouldn’t be able to do anything as id have to rush home to express and I don’t see how that’s helping him latch on if I’d still be giving it in a bottle 🙄 when I asked if I should give up they said no but couldn’t offer me any other advice on how to get him to latch! yes my mum told me about this programme! I’ll definitely have to watch it! So glad she’s put on some weight! Sounds as though you could be right about scales! I really hope she doesn’t get them too! I was really poorly when my best friend had her baby and couldn’t go and see him until he was nearly a week old I was so gutted but wanted to make sure it had completely gone before I went round ☹️ 

    Harry had his check up today he now weighs 7lb 8.5! He had his heel prick test he didn’t even cry, he didn’t even flinch 😂 such a strong brave boy! 

    So ive been writing this all afternoon on & off 😂 and I think I need to put Harry’s happiness first and just give up on breastfeeding he can get himself in such a state when I try and it’s not good for either of us ☹️ I’m gutted but just need to be grateful for a happy healthy baby whose putting on weight 💙

  • Mummytolily 1st are you Gunna change you’re name to mummytolilyandharry ??? 

    2nd thanks I don’t think id feel right not being with you guys either like Mrs fish said we are a cyber family 😃

    as much as the bond is meant to be great when bf as far as I’m concerned the bond comes from being together you both feeling happy nd loved by the other fed is best do what will make you both happy 

    maybe millie will be a little Dottie baby mrs fish I’m sure she’s fine :) 

    lisil gosh hallie is getting so big and super cuter every time I see  picture 

  • Mrs Rees all changed xD thank you for saying that it’s definitely made me feel a lot better and I agree I feel like I’m getting on his nerves by keeping on, he’s happy and that’s all that matters to me 💙 

  • Haha I might have to nickname you mummytoL+H as mummytolily and harry is a mouthful but looks really good 

    glad your feeling better about it all though as long as your both happy that’s all that matters 

  • MumL&H it does defo get easier if you push past the first week or two.  The reason they say express is to encourage your milk to come in, it is supply and demand.  It could be that 10 mins is plenty for him and he doesn’t need to keep suckling as he is so tiny still at the mo - I think Millie only takes around 3oz per feed, but 2 hourly all through the day, so it is quick - nothing at night, has gone from 8pm - 6am from around 8 weeks. 

    you will bond however you feed him, so do what is best for you - I was still in hospital at this stage with Millie and we mix fed for the first month for sure until we got into a good routine, so just do what works for you xx 


    in her new Doona, went for a sneaky KFC tonight.  As soon as I started eating she did an explosive poo up her back 😂 

  • Ah look at her she looks so diddy in their :) 

    good idea of the kfc yummy my fave 

  • Hi ladies, hope all well, lush photos! Heres some of my gorgous Rosie! So unvelieveably inlove, she is totally worth the sleepless nights xx

  • It wont let me add them :(

  • imageimageimage

    Here we gooo xxxx

  • Bobble she is stunning 😍😍😍 A beautiful name for a beautiful girl! 

    How mich did she weigh again? I can’t remeber if you said? X

    I love how big the dummy looks compared to her face, sooooo cute xx 

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