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When did you put baby in their own room to sleep at night?

my son is coming up 12 weeks and seems to be a really noisy sleeper! He tosses and turns during he night and the smallest noise such as me sniffing of husband rolling over seems to disturb him! He’s ina crib next to my bed but was thinking of putting him in his own room around 4/5months?


  • 13 weeks I put my son in his own room 

  • I put my son in his own room at 6 months... I believe the advice now is to wait until 1 year old... but honestly I will be putting my next babies in their own rooms at 6 months again I think... a year just seems way too much! 

  • Think they recommend 6 months to provent sids but when he sleeps through and he's OK without you and you feel comfortable with him being in the other room :) maybe talk to your health visitor about it... My son is 7 and half months old and he's still in our room next to me... I personally couldn't put him in the other room, I wake regularly to check he's still alive... Paranoid mummy over here.

  • My first was exactly the same, soooo loud!! He'd grunt and snore, fidget and whine he'd be asleep but it got to the point where we were waking each other up. He'd be loud and wake us and we'd roll over etc and he'd wake up so it got to the point where we couldn't stand it anymore and thought we'd try him in his own room next to ours. Best thing we did for all of us, he started sleeping through within 2 days and everyone was happier because we'd slept, he was around 4 months. 6 months is the recommended but our hv knew and was fine with it, we did safe sleeping had a monitor turned up so we'd hear the slightest thing and would check on him whenever we were up and about.

    Just had number 2 and he is the complete opposite so may be in with us a bit longer as you'd hardly know he was there most nights but probably not the full 6 months. 

  • I moved my little girl into her own room at 26 weeks. This article helped a lot.

  • My first at 6 weeks in the room next door with a monitor on. He was a brilliant feeder/sleeper and he’s never got out of bed either from going into a big boys bed at 2:)

    My daughter the same slept/fed beautifully in own room at 6 weeks:)

    our 3rd he was with us until aged 2 as he was sharing and I had to organise decorating, bunk beds etc but he slept brilliantly so wasn’t an issue:)

    Ladies whatever works for you and your family situation there is no right or wrong xxx

  • I moved my son just before 6 months, and he slept so much better in his own room. He was always a good sleeper anyway. But I think even the slightest move he made I was up to him so probably disturbed him more when he was next to me. 

  • I don't think there's any right or wrong time  you do what works for you and your baby. 

    Mine went into his own room at 8 months. 

    Various reasons but it works fine now.  X

  • Shuvdabomb- 

    My son is 8month, i brestfed at atart and he had the next to me sleeper.. he woke every3 hr for feed, then started gping 5-7 hours.. 

    But as he settled longer he got whiney dueing sleep.. i was woke constant.

    Then he started sleeping full nights sporadically...

    I set his cot to stand alone at 4month.. and noticed a BIG difference.

    I stopped feeding boob overnight streught away aswell once started settling. Wasnt sure if was doing right, but just tried.

     Gave him a bottle milk.. the when started going overnight i offeted water 1st, sometimes would go back to sleep before taking even a oz! Other times a bottle would b made and work others i eventually got boob out.. 

    Every night is trial and error, at 6month he wanted milk through night for a month..

    When on holiday feeds through night kicked up FULL SWING again.

    I've read other peoples theories tried various things and my conclusion is every baby and mum is diff.

    My niece was breast fed and slept full nights, they did leave to cry and after while took to it.

    My boy is just diff. He likes cuddles n songs, wakes looking for a back or head rub.. 

    Walking away from him at bedtime is a ABSOLUTE no no for him.

    Yet through day very settled plays himself and i get my own time.

    Try in his own room, it will work or not, worst case u bring him back in.

    Best of luck

  • Both of my boys moved to their own rooms at around 3 1/2 months, they both slept through the night from around 7-8 weeks. They are both excellent sleepers at 4 years old and 14 months old. Whatever feels best for you, some things work for some people and not for others, we just felt that we were disturbing them when moving or rolling over in bed. 

  • We slept in the same room with our son until he was 17 months. I was breastfeeding throughout and having to wake up in the middle of the night walk out of our room would mean killing my sleep completely! It was not working for me as I needed to rest. 

  • My son slept with me until he was 2 as he had breathing issues when he was born so I was so paranoid. He was in and out his own room from 2-3 years. I fell pregnant with my daughter so made him sleep in his own room ready for her but she’s now 2 and still sleeps with me. She’s had eczema from about 6 months old and took us months to be seen by a specialist but even with her cream etc now she can be scratching in her sleep and draws blood if she’s not stopped quick enough, where as if I’m there I know she’s doin it and I can cream her. That way we all get some sleep or I would be up and down all night long. If it wasn’t for her skin she would be in her own room for sure 

  • My first slept in our room until she was 3 years old, she hated being in her on room. We tried everything, to get in it. But we just give in and let her sleep in our room for to get a full night sleep.

    My second was in her own by 14 weeks, she was sleeping through the night and we didn't want to disturb her

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