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Anyone tried cranial osteopathy?

Hi there! I have a beautiful 6 week old daughter but we are having a few difficulties with her hating being put down on her back (tummy time isn’t an issue). 

I have noticed she will only lie on one side of her head, never the back or the other side and if lay on her back she arches her back and tries to look over her left shoulder all the time. I’ve tried toys etc to try and make her look the other way but she won’t or can’t.

I am considering taking her to see a cranial osteopath that specialist in babies but this is very expensive and wondered if anyone had tried it and if it worked or didn’t.

I know she has reflux and the person I’m considering taking her too specialises in babies with feeding problems.

All information appreciated.




  • Yes! My baby was 11 days late, and she was a nightmare. She had colic, cried from 4pm onwards for about 4 hours solid. She would vomit after every feed. She wouldn't sleep at all. Honestly, worst baby ever! So we took her to someone recommended, he was super gentle - he said her being so late, and compressed before birth, messed with her.

    Did it make a difference? So i just asked my husband, as i think i've blotted out the memory, but he says she was a definitely more chilled afterwards, opened her bowels more often, was a bit better a night. Husband swears it made a difference, and to be fair, we would have tried anything, so i'd say if you can afford it, do it - it wasn't super pricey, prob about £50 but can't remember for sure, so please do shop around - get a recommendation off a local FB group or something. 

    Hope this helps a bit! 

  • Oh forgot to say, my baby had reflux too - she overcame this about 6months old, had infant Gaviscon, was much better once she started sitting up and hugely better once weaning. I know it's hell while you're going through it, but baby will grown out of it. Gosh, my baby was so sick now i think back on it. Proper projectile vom, every damn feed! She struggled to gain weight. Now she's 4 and doesn't stop eating! 

  • We are also dealing with a cows milk protein allergy! She is having a really hard time of it and at this point money is nothing to see her smile and not sob 😢 But I dont want someone touching and manipulating my baby just for the sheer hell of it either. 

    I just want to put her in a bouncer or play mat for 5mins whilst I make a bottle and have a wee without her screaming and flapping around like she is agony 😢

  • It's not a miracle cure, but i do believe it can do good and it will help - but to what degree, i don't know. What was your birth like? Like how long did it take for baby to be pushed out, unless you had a section? My cranial osteo said the longer baby sits in the birth canal, it all has a knock on effect.

    Has the doc prescribed Nutramigen milk? 

  • She was a ventouse delivery and had got very distressed. She was head down all through my pregnancy though and never moved so now I’m wondering if she had been stuck in that position!

    She is on similac ailimentim  which is similar but query wether she will need neocate. I feel like she can’t catch  break x

  • i think your baby sounds like the perfect candidate - i remember the osteo saying, any kind of 'traumatic birth' like ventouse can apparently really mess with the babies alignment and what not - i think you should do it. Give it a go for sure, and please let me know if you do - the way i look at it, they can only make things better and it's incredibly gentle, nothing to worry about, promise. Like super gentle touching of the baby. Please do let me know x

  • I will do I’ve seen this one who is a feeding specialist so I’m going to go with her. My friend just told her brother felt like he left with a different baby so fingers crossed! I’ll keep you updated xx

  • Allybob - let me know how you get on, I was also contemplating this. 

  • Ill private message you now Matilda.

  • Just an update as appointment was today. 

    I must admit after seeing how little she did I was very sceptical, and she told me to not expect miracles after today’s session but she wanted to see her again next week.

    however I have just been upstairs to check on Nancy and she is fast asleep ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HER HEAD!! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! 

    She did say that following the session she would be very sleepy or very unsettled, thankgod she chose sleepy and she slept like the dead!

    Will see what tomorrow brings 🙂

  • I am so glad you went for it - and YES, you have totally made me remember, the exact same thing happened to my best friend - she took her baby for cranial too, as her baby only slept on one side (she had a traumatic ventouse delivery) and from that point on after the cranial, the baby had loads more wet nappies and started sleeping on her other side. 

    Please do keep us updated after your next appointment, really interested to see what changes you spot and hope the next session goes well. It does look super gentle doesn't it when they do the treatment. 

  • I left wondering if I was part of the practical jokers tv programme having just paid £50 for someone to touch my babies head in a way that appears like i do  everyday 😂

    But.... she is still quite happy today to move her head both ways with a bit of encouragement, and she slept 7.5 hours straight! She still woke up At 6.30 but she is just a natural early riser I think and I need to get use to this 😠

  • I know - you wonder 'what are they doing' when they're doing the manipulating! 7.5hours is a great chunk of sleep and honestly, my kids who are 9 and 5 are up pretty much daily at 6.30 usually, so i reckon that's great going! 

  • I still darent tell my oh how much it cost for someone to touch our daughters head, I think he would laugh for a week! 😂. 

    But if it works I’m all for it 🤞🏻I’ll give you updates on next weeks session.

  • So I’m booked in for cranial osteopathy next Thursday, will let you know how it goes x

  • It can’t do any harm! Keep us updated! 

    im back on Tuesday with Nancy and I hope it can fix my poor girl after her injections, all the progress we had made has gone and we are back to stage one with screaming, won’t lie on her back, squirming, hardly taking any milk 😢

  • Allybob, the injections were a nightmare for us too. He really suffered for about a week, I think it’s the rotavirus rather than the injections as we didn’t get any temperature but he woke up after initially sleeping for 3hrs with me holding him screaming. It was a real pain scream and this continued on and off all night, one minute he’d smile and next he’s scream, I literally had no sleep that first night lol. He didn’t take his milk properly for about a week afterwards and we are having the same again now after his 12 week injections and rotavirus again. 

  • It’s defo the rotavirus for us too. Her stomach is quite clearly killing her, lots of dirty nappies, screaming a cry that is clearly a pain cry, she has just been Sick for the first time in ages 😢. 

    Your description of your little boy is the exact description i would use, I’m even tempted to ask them to leave it out of the next injections? 

  • We were tempted too and even mentioned it in the room but then ended up allowing it again as it’s the last time they have it but we have had similar problems again. He had 2nd lot on weds and hasn’t finished a bottle since, horrible nappies and the odd scream during the day and night. Nowhere near as bad as last time but still bad enough x

  • The first night after she was wimpering in her sleep, I couldnt believe id actually chosen to do this to her! 

    They just seem too little!

    how is your little boy getting on now in general? We are 9 weeks here and couldn’t care less about toys, I keep trying and trying to get her to hold one etc but she would much rather be in my arms being sung too X 

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