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Help! Baby 13 days old and constantly worried and need reassurance

Hi mum's,

I'm a new mum my little one is 13 days old. I am still on an emotional rollercoaster some days I feel like I've got it under control and some days I cry into my dinner. 

I need advice, I feel like I constantly need to be told it's ok, whatever is going on with my little man. He vomited up all the milk he drank last night and I just need to be told that it's normal. He's had a belly ache and I'm so terrified all these (small) things are something bad or I'm doing something wrong. 

Are they normal? Do I need to see a GP? I don't know if what I feel is even normal. I am constantly questioning myself and if everything is ok. Any and all advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks from a very emotional new mum.


  • Hey my little one is 16 days old and I am exactly the same feel am doing something wrong because my little one is really constipated and I can’t help her much at all.

    up until the last few days I would find myself just randomly sitting crying for no reason at all and the next feel fine. I think it is all normal you still have a lot of hormones going crazy I. Your body. My midwife said as long as it all balances out your fine when you start to feel down more than normal or up then see someone. If your worried speak to your health visitor and just explain how you feel. 

    Just remember as my mum told me tonight as it’s our first baby we are learning just as much as our babies and it all takes time. 

    Sending you some hugs 

  • Thanks Lizzielouise I appreciate your reply! I just get so worried and I never thought I would be like this. (I knew I would cry but be so worried about the smallest things) 

    I appreciate the hugs too 

  • If something was genuingly wrong your mothers instinct would kick in, it’s better than any doctor 🙂.

    I cried everyday for weeks and my little one is now 8weeks old and there is still the odd day. I googled everything, was she sleeping too much? What colour should her poo be? You name it I googled it! 

    It does get better and you do relax though, my little one has been up all night totally full of a cold and i have realised I feel relaxed about it!

    enjoy your lovely baby , I wish I could do those first weeks again 🙂

  • Thanks Allybob88! I've tried to think normally but I don't know, my thoughts just seem to spiral haha and I Google everything too and I don't know weather that's a help or hindrance! I'm glad to hear it gets better, I just have to fight the urge to call the doctor for every little thing. image

  • Squirrel is your little boy bringing up enough wind after a feed sometimes this can cause them to vomit it back up and sometimes they’re a little greedy and can’t keep it all down, give yourself a break you’re doing amazing and should be so proud of yourself, having a baby is hard work, just remember he thinks the world you! 

    Lizzie harry also gets a bit Constipated try giving her a nice warm bath and when she gets out massage her tummy clockwise that always helps him and he goes less than an hour later! Also if she’s formula fed they find it easier to go after a ready made bottle because certain things are already broken down So it’s easier for them to digest! 

    First babies are really hard, lilys nearly 4 now and I still question whether I am doing a good enough job and then she’ll come running up to me and give me a big cuddle and tell me she loves me and I think I can’t be doing to badly!

  • I have no answer squirre but I completely feel your pain as I too am having problems with my LO feeding and pooping out her feed.  

  • He is bringing up wind when I burp him and hasn't projectile vomited again since mummytoilyandharry but he still gets a belly ache (more like bottom end as opposed to burps) thanks for your kind words of support. It is hard to not over think things all the time because if I was outside the situation I would be able to think sensibly but now it's actually me it's amazing how much worse it seems. image

    I'm glad I'm not the only one meme210

  • It is so hard being a mum sometimes. Nancy projectile vomitted every feed since she was born for 3 days before she was admitted to hospital and she was still fine after being given some fluids so try not to worry 🙂.

    and Nancy’s wind always comes out of her bottom as she is still taking the bottle. have you considered dr brown bottles if you are formula feeding?

  • I think that's what I'm most frightened of is these things leading to something serious and having to go to hospital. I'm breast feeding which is also adding to the stress of things, I've been Google intolerance to breast milk and all sorts. When I've had a good day/night I think oh I'm being irrational but then he'll get a belly ache again and I'm like omg I'll call the emergency doctor imageimage 

  • Don't worry,everything is fine,trust me,enjoy the moments. I was the same,my baby girl is 5 months now. I had her in the foreign country,no friends or family with me,only me,partner,and 2 staffies. I still worry a lot,but I reckon I will never stop,even when she will be 30 years🚼 All I did I had to do it alone,no help or advices, but that's the beauty of it. Enjoy being a mum,and its OK to worry,but don't worry for things that are not there. It took me as well some time to adjust,and hormone and all,but YOU AND THE BABY WILL BE FINE 👣

  • Hi! Thanks for your reply! Yes it's taken time for the terror to calm down but I'll get there! As you say 

  • HHi thanks for your reply! Yes your right as time has gone on I've lost some of the terror only slight worry now haha. And your probably right in saying that we will worry until they are grown ups! 😊

  • I'm glad to hear that. My girl vomited today for the first time,and my heart stopped,as I looked at her and she was frightened as well. Every day I am alone all day till evening,as my partner works,as I said,in foreign country,and it gets scary many days,but what can I do....I am not the first or the last mum on the planet....

    Oh,when my girl slept first time for 7 hrs,I haven't slept at all,checking if she was breathing,I didn't  know what was going on....

    Anyway,don't stress yourself anymore,enjoy 🐹

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