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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in August 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are a few of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in August 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around August 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. 

Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!




  • Can't believe we have our baby thread!!! Feels only like yesterday I joined the birth club!!!! 💙💟💙💟💙

  • It’s mad nearly Half way through the month.

    yeh kgraham it does only feel like yesterday finding out been pregnant and now there here or arriving.

    my little one is 3 weeks and 2 days now it’s mad how much she has grown in that time she now weighs 8lbs 4 


  • Awww she is so cute. Lizzie I read your thread in the other chat. You are doing an amazing job hun. You should be so proud of yourself. It isn't easy doing it alone. I was a single mum to my 2 eldest boys for years so I know how hard it can be. Im only a message away if you need to chat sweetie xxx

  • imagemy wee buda lol 

  • Kgraham - I totally remember you joining the thread all that time ago!!!!
    Lizzie - whatever you are doing with Eloise, keep doing it - she looks fantastic!

  • hi ladies how is everyone doing?

    lizzielouise I just read your previous post on the other thread, you are doing an amazing job! None of this is easy and you certainly not alone in the crying, honestly have cried at least once a day since George arrived. Hope you got chance to have some ‘me’ time at your mums, it’s so important.

    George is 2 weeks old now, mad how time flies, we both got officially discharged from the midwives care yesterday after the post-birth issues so really happy with that 😊

    he still feeds like a maniac, I can’t put him down between 4pm-midnight most days which is  lot harder than I thought it would be tbh. He doesn’t nap much during the day so all I feel like I’m doing is feeding him! He’s started having longer sleeps at night though so grateful for that, even if it’s just so my boobs have a break lol.

  • Helscee I know time is flying in!!! I really put my hands up to you breast feeding. I'm sure it's very tiring. I shouldn't really complain about having to bottle feed every few hours when you are at it all day. 

    Matthew is like your George and is starting to go longer at night now which is great 😀

    My wee man is a wee lump.... birth weight was 7lb 6oz and when he got weighed last week when he was 4 weeks he was up to 9lb 2oz. So I'm really happy with his progress.

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  • Hi ladies how are you all? 

    Kgraham breastfeeding is definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be! I think we just have a hungry baby but he’s putting on loads of weight so can’t really complain. We are looking at starting to do top up formula feeds soon so that he gets enough as I think he isn’t getting enough in the evenings when he feeds so much.

    its so good when they start to sleep longer isn’t it?! George took a while to go down last night but he just did 4 hours straight so happy with that! 

    Chloe, HUGE congratulations on your little one! He is gorgeous, hope he’s ok after being in the incubator. George had a low temp too, we didn’t end up having to put him in an incubator though as it was so hot on the ward as he was born on one of those super hot days! 

  • Any if use had issues after birth am still suffering with infections. Was given more antibiotics on Friday and they have floored me to the point that am even considering a hospital trip as they wanted me to go in Friday but I wanted to try antibiotics first. I just feel awful hot shakes dizzy and can’t really function at all. 

  • Hows everyone getting on? 

    Must all be busy we have all gone quiet. 

    Lizzie how are you feeling now? Are you wuth your mum? Did you go to hospital. Sorry your still feeling rubbish it takes a while to recover doesnt it? 

    Helscee hows georges feeding? Have you tryed formula top ups? Sounds like hes a mega hungry baby bless you must feel exhausted.

    Kgraham sounds like Mathew is putting on weight well. 

    Im still managing to feed Enya feedings going well she feeds every 3/4 hours and hasnt been cluster feeding which is amazing so far as my son was on me every evening for 5 hours. At the moment its working well as my son plays happily while she feeds and then we have a few hours while she sleeps so I can play with him. The carrier is working well with pushing him in the buggy I had my first day on my own with both today I was so nervous but all went well. Long may that last. 

    Hope everyones well anyways xxxxxxxxx

  • imagehows my baby 3 weeks today !!!

  • Hi Guys! 

    I think you’re right Vonnie, it’s the quietest our thread has been yet! Definitley all those beautiful babies keeping us busy. 

    Mia-Wren is 2 weeks tomorrow! She‘s a feeding machine at the min so I’ve been stuck to the sofa feeding her constantly for the last 12 days! How it’ll last when my partner returns to work and I have my 2 year old also on my own as well I don’t know.

    How is everyone doing!?  

  • image

    Hey everyone 

    yes it very quiet. 

    Thabks vonnie am still in lots of pain in 2 different antibiotics at the moment to see if it will clear but still have the infection in my womb and the skin where I was stitches is also infect I just want it to end now my stomach just feels trashed off all the tablets.

    eloise is 5 and a half weeks now it’s mad how much she has changed in that time. She is now more alert and watches you while you talk to her. Still sleeping great at night most of the time anyway.

    Aww Steph it must be tiring having the baby on the boob all the time I have noticed that happens with Brest feeding my friend did it with her little boy it does get better 

    vonnie she is just so cute with her little card there 

  • Lizzie elouise looks so well. Looks like ur doing a fab job with her. How is she nearly 6 weeks!!! Oh no sounds like your recoverys taking a long time i hope they kick in its rubbish when you dont feel 100% . are you still with your mum? 

    Steph sounds like your babys a feeding a lot must be tiring for you. Whens your first day on your own with them? Im mega lucky my girl goes 3 hours normally between her feeds im also managing to breastfeed with my 18 month old. Today at the park she was hungry but managed to do snack at same time and i took some books to read to him while i fed her. I strapped him in his buggy so he didnt run off. I said to hubby if she fed really often id have to stop as i feel so guilty about time with my son too. 

    Anyways better go on a winner both are napping together. Better get dinner done lol xxxxxx

  • Introducing Ailbhía, she was born on 27th August, weighing 6lb 7oz. 

    Both doing well, am quite sore down below but just stocked up on witch hazel and arnica tablets which I've been recommended.


    Who is next to give birth? 😍

  • Vonnie I decided to come home needed my own bed to get comfy as I was having to sleep on my mums sofa so she said until am fully recovered she will take the baby once or twice a week to help out. Eloise finally gets to meet her ther uncle off her dads side tomorrow he has travelled from London up here to meet her it’s a long drive takes about 10 hours.

    i know 6 weeks old on Tuesday it’s crazy to think she should only be 2 weeks old as well lol.

    Mickey she is just beautifu. Yeh down there is sore but should get better soon I just take a long time to heal with been diabetic and my body isn’t very good at fighting infections either.

    i have my 6 week check on Tuesday and my antibiotics finish Sunday so hopefully I should get the all clear but not looking like I will as down there is still tender.

    also got the little ones letter for her to get her first set of needles it in 2 weeks time I am dreading it 😭

  • Congratulations MickeyS I have no idea whos next. Hope you recover fast. Shes beautiful. 

    Lizzie bet its lovely to be in your own bed. And great your mums so supportive and will have eloise if you need. . 

    How did it go meeting the uncle? 

    Argh the jabs im dreading them too. I guess its defo better than the illness but still horrible. Poor little things. But you can go swimming togethet after them which is a bonus xxx

  • Vonnie it was great he came in and wanted to hold her straight away he fell in love. He held her and played with her more in that hour than her dad has in the 6 weeks she has been here. 

    I know can’t wait to take her swimming I just hate the guilt of her needles I just know I’ll cry to lol.

  • Thats great her uncle was holding and playing with her. Uncles can be such an important role. My friends boy called his uncle his 'fun'cle 😂 so sweet. 

    Aw me to we have ours booke for october 2nd... Not looking forward to that either. 

    Hows everyone getting on? Xxx

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