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please help! Colicky baby at 12 weeks!?

hi everyone, this is my first post on here but feel as if it’s my last resort for some advice!

i am currently experiencing problems with my second child (girl) she’s 12 weeks old and recently had her injections around 3 days ago, but recently she has started with random bouts of uncontrolable screaming! Whilst she is screaming her whole body tenses up like a board. She has no temp and otherwise completely healthy as I’m writing this she has just finished her screaming fit and she is now smiling and laughing?! I’m so confused I thought that colic was completely out of the question when they get to 12 weeks? I’m finding it so hard I also have a 21 month old so you can imagine! And I’m only 21 myself! 

Do do you guys think this could be Colic or something else to do with the vaccines?

(she is bottle fed) 


  • My baby had multiple digestive issues since his birth. He used to cry for hours due to colic and bad gas pain. I tried gripe water, massaged his tummy, and cutting dairy from my diet but nothing helped unless we put him on Babies magic tea which worked like charm.

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