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Tips for taking baby abroad?

We are off to Paphos, Cyprus in a few weeks with my wee boy who will be 11 months old. I just wondered if any of you have tips for travelling, things I should take with us/do etc.? 

All suggestions appreciated!


Emma ximage


  • Wow 448 views and no replies 😁

  • Haha I find that alot with this site lol..tbh hun I'm not all that clued up on taking children abroad as I mime deal terribly with heat over here in mamchester let alone abroad wouldn't be any kind of holiday lol but I guess Calpol of your allowed incase he comes down with something I know that it's not as easy to go to the chemist over there like it is over here and milk (if not great feeding) my friend went to Spain a few month back with her little fella and thought she would get the milk over there it didn't agree with him atall and he was poorly off it I don't know what it was called or anything but yh sorry I'm not much help lol have a good holiday x

  • Hi Memza89x, so lovely to see your name pop up, and sorry it has taken a while for peeps to reply to your thread - sometimes they're just not sure what to suggest or feel they don't have the right answer - even if there is no right answer! We'd still love it if peeps stopped by to say 'I don't know' but sometimes that doesn't happen. 

    We wanted to suggest some idea though! Hope you don't mind. When I went away with my child when she was 11 months, we found loads of snacks are always good to have on hand. There's also attachable seat extras that allow your toddler to lay out almost flat (Google Flyng beds), on a seat if he wants to nap - usually better for longhaul flights. Sticker books are great, as are Aquadoodle style colouring sets which are mess free. And have you checked out Trunki too? They seem super popular as well. 

    Have the best holiday! 

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