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Prem baby still in newborn clothes @ 4months


anyone have a premature baby?  My baby is still like a newborn at 4 months and in newborn clothes, feel like shes so behind every other baby we know, anyone else have a prem baby just feel so alone sometimes.


  • Hey. 

    My first was 2 months premature. She stayed in tiny baby until she was 5.5 months old. It was a long hard journey. I felt out of place wherever i went if I'm honest. I got really down about it, and turned out I have PND and PTSD. I'm not suggesting you have either of those things, but they are statistically more common in parents of prem babies so please make sure you are looking after yourself. 

    Fast forward to today, my tiny little girl is 2.5 years, a big sister (to a full term brother), and the loudest bubbliest child you could ever meet!! Yes, she is still on the small side. But is the life and soul of every party, every room. Somedays I forget how little she was, how much she struggled. 

    Please reach out to those around you - friends family, even medical professionals. There may be people close to you that have had prem babies and you aren't even aware. Or maybe your HV can point you in the direction of a support group? There's also various social media groups that are worth looking at, loads of support in there. 

    Here is a picture of my beautiful girl, to give you that bit of hope ♡ image

  • Thank you for your lovely reply.  Your daughter is looking so well.  I've just been told to start weaning so hopefully that will help with weight gain.  I will ask my HV about support groups.  I know what you mean mentally is it challenging and so different to what I imagined. xx

  • Hi both my babies were preemie baby's, they were both in tiny baby until they were about 3/4 months then went into new born around then...they were tiny but did catch up my daughter is now 3 and has cought up beautifully and my son is now 1 and the he looks like he couldn't have possibly been a preemie haha I know they look so tiny but they do get there in the end    xx

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