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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in September 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are a few of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in September 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around September 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. 

Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!




  • Hi everyone! Hope you are all getting on ok! What Has everyone found to be the most difficult thing with their new bundles? I think mine has to be the school run with the oldest and making sure we are all out of the house on time and in a decent state 😂 also anyone want to shout out their hubby/partner for being literally amazing!! This is Cienna and she is a week old today 😍image

  • Thanks for kicking the thread off Lauren0101 and with the most gorgeous pic of Cienna - she is so tiny! I too remember doing the school run with my newborn - sometimes it was SO intense! So glad your partner is being brill - it really does help doesn't it! Is your eldest missing the baby during the day? 

  • She is a little dot bless her! My little boy is still unsure of his new sister 😂 he hasent has a proper cuddle yet but perhaps that’s because she is still so small. He is being amazingly helpful though and doing everything he is told so I can’t really complain 

  • Hi ladies ... little Edith joined us a week ago today!! How is that possible!!! I can’t believe she is a week old!! Lauren I agree my better half has been amazing. Don’t know how I would have coped without him as well!!! Here’s little Edith a week old! image


  • Oh Lauren Cienna is beautiful 😍 xxx

  • imageimage

    Cienna is gorgeous lauren Sonia Edith Charlie 😍😍

    laelynn is now 3 weeks & 2 days can’t believe how quickly its went past.

     she has now regained her birth weight and then some. She’s getting a bottle now and 1-2 feeds off myself until my milk disappears lol. 

    My hubby has been back to work 2 weeks now. He was great at hole but he drove me mad lol. 

    School run is a night mare lol I’m normally flung together lol I have 5 of us to sort 🤣🤣

  • Ahhh 5 I don’t envy you at all 😂😂 what a gorgeous name laelynn has so different! i am the same as you breastfeeding when I can and then topping her up with formula she’s back to her birth weight at day 8 which the midwives are chuffed with. What beautiful little ladies we have created 😍😍😍

  • Oh her little cheeks 😍😍😍

  • image

    Morning Ladies,

    Hope all the mummies and babies are doing well!

    Evelyn is now 11 days old and weighing 9lb12 - 5oz above her birth weight! We've had to put her on Infacol for gas and colic and it's working wonders - last night she slept from 12 until 5:30 and then back down until 9! We think she was comfort eating to deal with it as she's now taking smaller feeds too. She's such a content little thing!

  • Welcome Mumma and baby Evelyn! What a Little cutie she is and wow that’s a great sleep! I think Cienna could sleep that long but we are feeding every 3 hours due to low blood sugar and jaundice, my hubby has been great taking on the early morning feeds so I can get some sleep before getting up with my 7yo although he has taken to getting himself up and taking himself downstairs to play with his lego so he doesn’t disturb us 😂 This board so far is full of scrummy girlies where are are handsome baby boys at 😍

  • Lauren hopefully the jaundace clears soon for Cienna!

    Its funny that we've all go girls. Of 7 babies born in our friends/work circle in the past 5 weeks we had the only girl 😂!

  • Lauren all my girls have unusual names or spellings. Myself and her dad have plain names lol. 

    Makenzi, kaila (cayla) , Jordanna and the laelynn 

    laelynn had jaundice aswell it doon went away :)

    evelyn is gorgeous Mrs b 😍😍 colic is the worst makes them so unsettled xx

  • Love it 😍 that’s why we wanted to spell Cienna differently... now I’m forever saying her name is cienna WITH A C 😂

  • We discovered the other day that Evelyn is obsessed with spotlights, so we sweet talked her Papa into buying her a starlight projector from Amazon (he kept telling us just to pick something she needed but we already had everything!).

    Honestly think it's the best £20 spent - she's mesmerised and drops off to sleep with no fuss after her bottle! (Ignore daddy's belly)


  • How isn’t everyone feeling? 

    39 weeks today and still no signs :( think he is super cosy in there 

  • Today is my due date (17th sept) it’s past 12 so it counts haha! Don’t feel any Different... I woild love for him to come today so we can finally meet him. Midwife appointment tomorrow (today) and they have offered me a sweep but I don’t think I’m going to accept because techincally I’m not “overdue” as its exactly 40 weeks.

    what do you reckon? X

  • HB14 I had a sweep at 40+2 because I was thoroughly fed up. I had actually started to contract a little a few hours before and it did give me really strong contractions for about 24 hours then they died off until I went naturally at 41 weeks. I think it depends how far dilated and effaced you are how well it will work. I ended up getting it because the idea of getting induced really worried me. I'm convinced if I hadnt gone naturally I would have torn with her being quite a big girl! I also think the sweep helped shorten my actual labour because my body was working in the background but I've no way of proving that.

    Good luck with whatever you decide - you never know you might go overnight! 

  • Hi Everyone!! Glad to hear all the babies are doing so well! Our wee Brooke is doing great- she’s taken to breastfeeding very well and was up to birth weight by day 5 and gained another 9oz by day 10 😀. She dosnt seem to feed as much as her sister did but takes a proper feed when she is on and then passes out- all she seems to do it feed and sleep. Her sister cried all the time so this is a pleasant surprise. We are both loaded with the cold at the minute which isn’t nice. 

    HB I got a sweep at 39+2 - lost my mucus plug afterwards but no pains. Went naturally myself at 39+6 with a very quick labour. You could ask them to check your cervix before the give u the sweep- if ur cervix isn’t ‘favourable’ then you could refuse it as it probably won’t work and will

    be uncomfortable. I was 1 cm dilated with a think stretchy cervix when I had mine and it wasn’t uncomfortable and I believe it helped my labour come on in the following few days. I was like Mrs B and hated the idea of inductio. Good luck with whatever u choose xx

  • Hi Ladies, 

    Baby Rowan is 9 days old now 💙 He is such a content wee thing, hardly cries.... he is giving us a false sense of security I think as he is so good 😂 

    Had some problems with his weight on the first few days as he dropped quite low as wasn’t latching properly. We are back to birth weight now though, midwife due this afternoon so will find out how much extra he has pulled on 🙌 

    Breastfeeding has 100% been our biggest challenge but we are doing loads better and last night and this morning we have not had to have a top up bottle of expressed milk. 


  • image

    Onlyeverbeendogmum laelynn  nearly a full 1lb at 1st. Breastfeeding is the beast decisio I last 3 weeks however I still lor her on my chest and she gets one feed off me at night. 

    i had the health visitor this morning and laelynn is 8lbs 2oz :) 

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