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Am i crazy.. another baby??

So ive had a few scares thinking i was going to see a positive.. but when i saw a negative i was so upset am i crazy.. 

Little background on me.. im 27 ive two already a nearly 2 and 8 months old. I live in parents house trying to save. 

My partner hasnt said no to another just not now. My friends and family only had a little ones recently. I get very emtional around them. 

My babies arent sleeping properly as we all in one room together. So makes me a little stressed. Just dont want to wait too long...

Also how long is too long as i still want a life with my babies. And not starting al over again when they grown... hopefully a ring soon too ha ha 

Oh to mention aswell.. Ive had irregular periods and was going threw test as they said i might never have kids and two surprises later scared at first i wouldnt change a thing. I make now irregular periods and going to getting another test as they have found irregular cells on my smear. 

Any opinions be great even if its telling me wait or stop ha ha :) 


  • I would wait until your smear is clear of any bad cells. You need to be in good health. You don't want to fall pregnant only to face complications if  your smear comes back with bad cells. X 

  • Thanks for your opinion. Ive the test in two weeks time. Yes i will of course wait. I had two goodish pregancy so far so wouldnt want to complicate it at all. :)

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