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Nappies leaking at night

my daughter had just started sleeping through at 7 months but she’s waking every morning wet! I change her at 10pm but she’s soaked through by 6am. She’s currently between a size 3 and 4 nappy. Has anyone had these issues and can recommend a nappy brand?


  • Which brand do you use? I've only ever used pampers. You will get the odd morning when they  wake up wet but shouldn't be every morning. Maybe try a pull on nappy they seem quite body hugging (obviously if it's not too big) can't remember how big size 4 is now!!! Lol. It's been that long!! Good luck and let us know how u get on! X 

  • I only use pampers too but usually when they start leaking it means they need to move up a size, I think that's why the weights on the sizes overlap. 

    I have tried Aldi, Co-op and sainsburys as well and personally Aldi are ok, Co-op are good and sainsburys are awful but that's just me. 

  • We use aldi size 3. Little one sleeps 12 hours and they last as they say they will 🙂

  • Get the plus size of the size she is in for nights (try a 3+)  they are more absorbent

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