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Antibiotics for a baby at 4weeks old - is it ok?

Hi mums, 

We yesterday received a phone call from doctor and he told us our baby girl has Urinary tract infection he told us we have to use antibiotics, but she is only 4 weeks old , and I’m scared that it can affect her healt. Have any of you have given antibiotics for your baby? 


  • I would be more worried not giving her the anribiotics. Infections untreated can lead to sepsis. The dose will be worked out from babies age and weight etc so it Will be safe. Newborn babies can be given antibiotics if the mother has strep b so try not to worry. Hope she feels better xx

  • Thanks x it’s just I have red so many articles about that if you give antibiotics to your baby in early days it can lead to poor health later in life , I think I need to stop reading all them articles as it only makes me feel more worried  . But anyway I started to give her antibiotics , and I hope she will be better soon . 

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