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Cuddle pods like baby nests - can baby sleep in hers in her cot?

I brought a cuddle pod from Aldi and my baby loves having naps in it. She doesn't like sleeping in her crib and she can't settle in it. Can i put the cuddle pod in the crib and let her sleep in that over night? 


  • my first response would be no. There are very few baby pos which have been tested for over night sleeping and there have a been a number of deaths associated with baby pods. My suggestion is to email aldi and check if your pod has been approved for overnight sleeping (i doubt it will have as there are very few on the market) consider investing in something like a sleepyhead deluxe which i believe has been tested for overnight sleeping. I think official guidelines from the lullaby trust suggest its better to use nothing at all. This is a link to an argicle from them

    I personally was lucky enough to recieve a sleepyhead deluxe free from a testing site and i did use it for my baby overnight. Although I would not use a product that was not tested for over night sleeping

    hope this helps

  • Sorry Sebbie, but i think that's incorrect - there has NOT been one single baby death due to a sleeping pod/baby nest - i actually read it on this site, and it's really blooming interesteing, cause although Lullaby trust don't recommend nests, they don't seem to have a reason why they don't! How weird is that? i don't know how to link so hope this works

  • Ultimately as a mother its up to the indiviual to choose. I wouldnt use anything that hasnt been tested for overnight sleeping be that a pram or a cuddle pod. As stated i did use a sleepyhead

    that made for mums post clearly recommends not to use for unsupervised sleeping.

    ”If you do use a pod or nest, always follow these guidelines:

    • Don't let your baby sleep in a pod or nest unsupervised. That means only using them for daytime naps when your baby is with you and you can regularly monitor them. Don't use them for overnight sleeping “

    Which is what the poster was asking, can she use it over night. I am not out to scare anyone i was only stating the concerns. Although no deaths that have been specifically caused by baby cuddle pods there have been deaths where baby has been sleeping in them. baby is fine to continue for daytime naps.

  • I'm totally not disagreeing with you sebbie, i used a sleepyhead too! 
    I just assumed (perhaps wrongly?) that the nest OP was talking about was something similar to a sleepyhead, which i think is safe. But again, up to the individual. 

  • I think the sleepyhead is the only one that has actually been tested for overnight sleeping. But i am not 100% sure. I know i had a poddle pod and they are for supervised sleeping only. Its all very stressful as a mum. I co slept and thats no recomended as such so i guess its all about weighing up pros and cons and making educated decisions. hope our advice helps the poster! 

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