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Going Abroad with a newborn

We had a holiday booked before i got pregnant to Lanzarote. Baby is potentially depending when born going to be between 4-6 weeks old i am due in 2 days! Would you take a baby abroad this young? I am getting really nervous about it all now and anyone got any advice. Thanks


  • Hi there!

    I personally wouldn't. I remember my son at 4 weeks he was cluster feeding for hours and i was so exhausted. I was going out of the house on a daily basis for a walk with the pram or for a coffee but not for long. I don't think i could stay for long outside of the house at that point. 

    Another thing that would worry me is that the baby wouldn't have done his / her first vaccines by then and i wouldn't risk anything especially abroad. 

    Finally, imagine all the things you have to take with pumps, bottles, sterilises, clothes..

    Good luck what ever you decide to do!! This is just my opinion!

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