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Still no period!!

im now 9 weeks post partum and still haven’t gotten a period with my daughter I’d had one by 6 weeks, I’m getting a little impatient as I want To get the implant but last time I didn’t have a period at all whilst having it so I definitely want one to clear my body before I have that put in! I’m not breastfeeding, does anyone know why it could be more delayed and what the normal timeframe is before going to GP? 


  • I got mine back at 12 weeks but I have a medical condition which causes high prolactin, the hormone for breast milk, and even though I'm not breastfeeding it still has an effect when it's too high. I was the same had to wait for my first period to start contraception and it felt like forever. Potentially your prolactin could still be high enough, as it naturally raises in pregnancy, that its delayed it a bit but that's just my experience. X 

  • Nancy has been bottle fed since birth and my period only made an appearance at 12+2! 

  • Thank you both! He’s 10 weeks tomorrow so hopefully by 12 weeks I’ll have one, I’ve never wanted  period so bad haha 

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