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My baby has epilepsy

New to this so might get it wrong where to put it. Has anyone have a child/baby with epilepsy would like to talk? My 8month old has got it and am struggling to cope x


  • I didn't want to read and run. I don't have a child with epilepsy but wanted to send you 💐
    It must be so scary for you and your baby. Hopefully the hospital are looking after you? Perhaps they can suggest a support group or put you in touch with other mums in a similar situ? x

  • Think I've messaged you not sure tho as I can't find it.  Don't want to put it here in case someone I know is on here x

  • Hi mammyto6,

    I am not in the exact same position but i have some experience. My little one is 17 months old and he has been having febrile convulsions, which means that he has fits but only when he gets high fevers. It has happened 3 times up to now. They haven't ruled out epilepsy and we have an app end of next month to see a neurologist. 

    It's the worst thing that i have experienced in my life and i feel devastated when a convulsion happens. If it's not epilepsy in our case, doctors told us that he will outgrow it by the age of 5. Can't get medication either.

    I cannot imagine what you are going through. Is your little one on medication? What i was told from one paediatrician after the 3rd convulsion is that "worst case scenario he is epileptic and there is medication for that. he will have a perfectly normal life and he can do everything he wants". After that to be honest i was relieved and try to take one day at a time. 

    Navi xx 

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