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Will my baby be born deaf?

Will my baby be born deaf?

Hi all lately I have been really concerned that my baby will be born deaf. I know being deaf isn’t the end of the world but obviously I just want the best for my baby. My boyfriend’s mum is profoundly deaf but his Dad is hearing and both his older sisters are hearing. My boyfriend is partially deaf due to having a severe case of glue ear as a child however he was born hearing.

I guess I have started to worry that my baby is deaf because he is not reacting to sound in the womb (which now that I am writing it I realise seems daft) but most of my friends have mentioned how their babies would move to music etc my baby isn’t doing this (I am 31 weeks) so now I am worried this is because he is deaf. I can’t air my concerns with my partner because he doesn’t see being deaf as a disability and he gets really offended by me saying I hope the baby isn’t deaf it’s not my intention to offend him or his mum it’s just how I am feeling.


  • I should also mention that there is no Family History of deafness on my side of the family. 

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