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Baby not walking and is acutually terrified of doing so.

Hi everyone, the doctors are useless and keep saying they dont know and wont do any tests till she is 18 months old. Which I guess is fair enough But i cant stop worrying.

My daughter is unable to stand unaided and when I stand her and try and prop her up on a activity centre or a sofa she refuses and just screams like I am tormenting her, she screams when I try and put her on the walker or her baby pushchair or her ride on car (has a handle).. every toy she refuses and everything I can prop her up on she cries till she can sit..

She has been walking with our hands and walking that way, and a few days ago she was still alright with proping on walkers.. she even took a few steps with it without help then she realised and FELL, she now refuses and is terrified of walking with it or with our hands just wants to sit and bum shuffle all the time.. doctor has said she will get there but IM worried that ehr fear of walking and standing UNAIDED will let her down she is literally screaming in torment.

I dont know hat to do I just guess Im wondeirng if this is normal and if anyone else has had this issue.. i cant stop worrying.


  • How old is your baby? My kids would not weight bear until really late - one started walking at 15months and the other at 18 months. 

    I found door bouncers and mobile activity centres, (where they push with their feet) really helped. But i think if your daughter has done it, and as you said she has taken a few steps, she can do it, and it's not something to be so worried about. 

    Have you spoken to a health visitor? 

  • She is 14 months old and has been walking with our hands for 4-5 months and was doing well with push along toys until she fell the other day, I keep being told she will get there, but then I see 6-9 month olds crawling, bashing, pulling them selves up, I feel like I am not doing something I should be or Im not pushing her enough etc.. I can tell i get looks from other parents like I am.

    Health visitor said as she was a fooling breech they think its that and her muscle tone is taking a while.. they said to wait the next 4 months and see as babies can suprise you.

    Thank you again, It helped ease my mind, not yet seen a baby over 13 months not walk, thats why I was so worried!

  • Children that bum shuffle are known to be later walkers! I’m surprised your health visitor didn’t tell you this as we get told this all the time at Work.

    my friends LG was a bum shuffler and she didn’t walk until 20 months - there is nothing wrong with her! 

    she maybe got a bit of a fright when she fell so maybe a few days of no standing/walking activities before they are slowly reintroduced?

    Just remember all babies develop unless they are stopped from doing so (strapped into prams all the time!) so your lo will get there 🙂

  • I can second what Allybob has said as my niece was a notorious bum shuffler (surprising how fast they can move like this) and didn’t walk until she was about 19/20 months. In fact she point blank refused when you tried to encourage her 😂

  • Hi my son was born with positional talipes and they told me they would correct it self which they did but now they go outwards and at 18months still not walking on his own we went back to hospital yesterday and he had xrays and they said he has flexible flatfeet and to expect him to walk by jan but this point he will be 21months. I would say not to worry to much at 14month but if u are worried and have mother instinct that's something else is concerning u keep pushing. Are her hips. OK. And feet 

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