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  • hi , Jesse is 6 weeks on Friday and I’m sure I can see teeth through the top of  lower gums. He’s not showing signs of teething such at drooling , chewing, red cheeks. Just when he opens his mouth I see 2 white lines On the top. Any advice/ help appreciated. My 2 daughters didn't teeth until 7 months. Anyone else see this in their baba x

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    Been awake 3 hours, fallen asleep and I'm about to wake her as she's just pooped!

  • Congratulations Sheffield, she's gorgeous! Evelyn was the name we had picked down if we had a girl! We were going use the Irish spelling Eibhlin.

  • Ok ladies , please tell me if these are teeth! Managed to get a picture! bit nervous about FeeDing if they are and are going to break through or could they be like this for months? You forget with each baby what’s “ normal” xx image

  • My baby's gums look the same. Top and bottom. Freaked me out at first.

    I can't offer any advice but at least you are not alone. 

  • Thanks you sylvia, I wonder If they will be early teethers xx

  • I reckon you might have a quite a while before those teeth pop out Mummy246 - but don't take my word it! 

  • Bubz2018, how are you doing - it's been a few days since we heard from you. Have things improved at all? 

    Rarity, how are you doing too? Did baby make an appearance? 

    How is everyone coping with the cold snap? 

  • We're in Ireland so not as cold but we wrapped up yesterday and went out walking. Also, Matthew is 1 month old today!imageimage

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    I'm still having a regular battle regarding colic. So much screaming at night. It is draining and distressing to see.

    I have also ended up co-sleeping for the last few weeks as he won't settle at all in his moses basket or cot despite trying various things (hot water bottle,  my shirt as a bottom sheet, white noise, hand on his chest, raising the end of the moses basket slightly etc). It is nice to co-sleep in many ways - night time snuggles and feeling his breathing so close is something to cherish. But I miss having my bed and being able to sleep and roll over etc without worrying. I wake up stiff from being in a fixed position.

    I've also swapped teets and milk now. I wish I'd done it earlier but the HV advised against it. I have switched from Cow&Gate to Hipp and he seems to like it much better. He isn't being as sick as he was, he is also going longer between feeds despite actually taking less. Seems good so far.

  • Sorry your struggling with colic, Jesse has reflux and he is on cow and gate anti reflux milk. It’s just so thick thought he’s not getting constipate, I’m also still breast feeding . I give 3 bottles a day and feed myself the rest. were also co-sleeping x

  • I have had to give providing breast milk. He never would latch on - they said it was because it was prem - so I was expressing for roughly two or three feeds a day. But, as time as gone on, the chance to pump has reduced and now I have to do it for an hour to get 10ml! As he is taking 120ml per feed, it just isn't worth while. I've been quite sad about it as I always wanted to breast feed but this last week I've had to admit defeat. :/

  • How prem was he Sylvia?  always felt sad about stopping feeding but as long as you and baby are healthy and babies fed it doesn’t matter how it’s Done. Your babies will love you however they are fed xx

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    Just had Jesse weighed and he’s now 11lb 4oz.  Xx

  • Jesse is gorgeous! We have the same babygro!

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    Recipe for a content baby...?

    The hum of noise in a cafe and Hipp Organic milk. <3

  • Hi everyone, my name is Em and I had my ds Ethan on 4th October.

    I'm just glad to see that people are having the same issues as my husband and I in settling the little mite in his Moses basket as I felt like I have been doing something really wrong as HV and MW talk about it as though it's the easiest thing in the world to just put them in there then poof! Sleeping sat up with him in my arms at the moment and putting him down to snatch the odd half hour when he will stay in there.

    God only knows I love this kid, but this level of half sleep is enough to make you not like them for a little bit, am I right? 

    Apparently by about week 5 to 6 this starts to settle so I am trying my damndest to believe the "this too shall pass". I think it's been made a little more difficult by my husband going back to work. 

    I am taking a lot of solace in the fact that he is putting on weight and growing like a champ. 

    Nice to meet everyone and look forward to chatting with you. image

  • HI em, your little boy is lovely and congratulations. My boy is 7 weeks not and still don’t be put down, he’s so much more clingy them my 2 daughter. Definitely a mummy’s boy. I can relate on the lack of sleep i look forward to the weekend when my husband gets up with him after the 6ish feed and I can have 2/3 hours. Xx

  • He's actually slept in his basket today(hate that, makes him sound like a puppy) for a couple of stints of a couple of hours. I am quite happy to be made a liar of on that front. 

    I hope it soon improves for you 246.. 

    I am the queen of 8 hours sleep and pre baby I could have a pre-sleep sleep and still sleep all night so I have really struggled, but slowly getting used to it! 

    I can't believe I have kept another human alive for a whole month! (Tomorrow) 

  • Welcome Mrsplovestea, your son Ethan is gorgeous! How was your labour and birth? 

    How is everyone doing today? 

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