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  • Hi Danielle,

    It wasn't great to be honest. I went in to be induced on 1st, unfortunately the labour ward was really busy so I was left in slow labour until Thursday 3am when a room became available. 

    I was put on the drip and monitor and surges started to come thick and fast. I was having 90 second surges every 90 seconds. I was doing well. In 4 hours I was 5cm. But by 8 hours I had made no progress.

    The midwife called the Dr to see me and he decided instantly that I would need a section. 

    25 minutes later Ethan was in my arms.

    I have healed really well and I am pretty much back to normal in all respects. I am still a little to and fro emotionally but I am putting that down to my hubby going back to work last week and a colicky baby! 

    What about yours? 

  • Hi Mrsplovestea, we're sorry it wasn't the birth you might have hoped for, but it's great you're all healed up. My last baby was born 5 years ago now (I'm the community manager on the forum) so i won't bore you with my birth! But hell, I will not ever forget the colic. 

  • Mummy246, are those teeth still hiding? 
    Sylvia14, how are you managing too? Are you coping on your own?
    Rarity, we do hope you're alright and we'd love to hear from you too...

  • We had our check up at the doctors this week. Baby has moved from 9th to 25th centile for weight (he weighed in at 8lbs6) and is between 25th and 50th centile for length.

    Sadly he has a cold now though and is off his food, crying a lot. I'm using a nasal aspirator and saline spray to help clear his nose as much as I can but feel very limited. Horrid to see him struggling. 

  • With regards coping, I seem to be functioning on no more than three hours sleep a day. Last week, I went out every day with the baby including going to Sea Life and a National Trust property. I have invested in a carrier which made a trip around the supermarket easier (but does hurt my back after a relatively short amount of time).

    Baby has his first set of jabs on Tuesday -  little nervous of what impact they'll have on him.


  • Hi, yes his teeth are still hiding but definitely more visible. 

    Booked another holiday yesterday for february , was just going to wai until July when we go but I couldn’t resist So sending off for his passport this week. 

    Hope all you mummy’s and babies are well xx 

    image8 weeks x

  •  Had baby weighed today and he is 4.22kg. almost double his birth weight!


    We had our first set of jabs yesterday which was tough. He was really upset, cried unless he was held in one particular position,  projectiled and had diarrhoea. It was so upsetting. He seems more settled today and has just slept lots whilst I've been out. 

  • imageHad my little girl on the 14th October. Went into be induced on the Thursday, labour was just under 5 hours but it was a difficult birth (Very nearly got rushed for a section) 

    Birth weight was 7oz 10 - last Friday 8oz 6. 

    Struggling with both sets of grandparents wanting me and my other half to be doing things different ways  (we still live at home) x

  • Congratulations Georgia b , she’s beautiful. reguarding The grandparents just do what feels right for you and your baby, every baby is different And you know best :)

    jesse is 10 weeks this week, he’s had his first set of injections yesterday And now my eldest daughter has come out in chicken pox so I’m betting Jesse and Olivia will be next 😢.

    hooe everyone is doing ok and busy with their babies. 


  • imageMy lb turned 8 weeks Saturday just gone, I got a letter for his Needles so I phoned up before and they gave me an appointment for 18th December and he'll be 10 weeks, but don't they need them at 8weeks? FTM and I just get worried over everything!! X

  • HI Kayleigh , Jesse is 11 weeks and only had his injections last Tuesday at 10 week it doesn’t matter if there a few weeks out. its Been the same with my sister in law her son was 2 weeks late having his. Don’t worry about it 😀. He’s beautiful x

  • Hey!! How is everybody getting on with their little bundles?? Matthew is good - had bad reflux but the gaviscon seems to be sorting that! Here's a pic of my smiley boy.image

  • imageHi, everybody.

    my baby girl is nearly 7weeks.

    She only gets fusy in the evening When she wants me to entratain her.

    just wondering if in a month or so she‚s gonna be more problematic or does it mean she’s just a calm baby. Most of the nights she wakes up just twice to Eat😁. I had to add formula because I seem to be getting less and less breast milk☹️. 

    hope everyone is well


  • imageJesse is doing really well, he’s 12 weeks on Friday and still on the anti reflux milk but it’s works well. 

  • imageJesse is doing really well, he’s 12 weeks on Friday and still on the anti reflux milk but it’s works well. Xx

  • image Tillie Rose is 3months on saturday and has now mastered the 'dirty' giggle. She finds everything funny, id forgotten how wonderful it is to hear. Lovibg this stage right now as getting a 6hr gap at night makes me feel much more human. Still little at 10lbs 8oz. So nice for the catch up ladies x

  • Aw they're all gorgeous! All getting very grown up looking. I love the way they 're getting a little character now!

  • Good Gravy I have a monster!!

    Ethan is 10 weeks tomorrow and is just short of 15lb. 

    Hes doing much better. He's now On Gaviscon and Ranitidine and seems to be picking up. 

    He has started teething a couple of weeks ago now, and his 2 bottom fronts have just started budding for the surface. I hope they don't take too long. 

    He loves to smile and has found his hands. It's so funny. He will just stop what he's doing and stare at them. Like a tiny stoner. 

    Hope everyone is well and looking forward to Christmas.



  • imageJack is doing great he is 8 weeks tomorrow and weighs 10lbs 11oz. 

    He is finding his feet and starting to sleep for 7 hours at night Which is a Joy! 

    The girls love him and it feels like he has been with us forvever ❤️❤️

    Gald everyone is doing great x

  • imageimage

    Caleb is 12 weeks now (three months on Monday). We got weighed yesterday and he was 11lbs14! He has grown so much and is now getting a little big for 0-3 month clothes, which is crackers when he was in tiny baby/prem baby when born. :D

    He still has issues with silent reflux and terrible wind issues - but the doctor won't do anything as he is gaining weight and the HV said he'll "grow out of it". We have lots of smiley happy moments now, but he still cries a lot. Still has an hour of crying at around 8pm each night and he is up at least twice a night to feed and usually another two or three times in the night for cuddles or because of his reflux or wind. This week has been quite bad with him being up 6-8 times between midnight and 8am, which is draining to say the least. I am just hoping that things will settle, as his adjusted age is just coming up to 9 weeks so he is still in the fourth trimester bit really.

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