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After birth?

Hello ! I'm here to help you understand baby

Each time I will apply for an article ...

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Plan :

A / After the birth:

1-Its development:

a-a funny face!

b-The first cry


















A / After the birth:

You are now at home, worried about not being up to your new role as a mother. Alone with your baby and without support from specialized maternity staff. I will be there ! your ratings to help you.

Furthermore. You may have a strange feeling, a depressive discomfort (postpartum or baby blues) you will find next to you unexpected support, that of your child. Watch as he hangs from your eyes as he adjusts the position of his body to your way of taking it.


1-Its development:

A-     A funny face!

For all moms, their baby is the most beautiful in the world J and this despite some small aesthetic disgrace. Indeed, to be born, the baby had to force many passages. His head often bears the marks of this effort, his skin perhaps covered with small whitish grains on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin: these are the grains of milium. His eyes are sometimes red due to a small hemorrhage of the conjunctiva. Rest assured, all these little problems will disappear in a few days and without your baby needing special care. The skin of the baby's face is often bluish in the ears, chin and forehead. It can be hairy on the down on the back, thighs and shoulders, and covered with down on the cheeks and forehead: it is the lanugo, a down that covers the entire fetus.

b-The first cry

      Finally « he / she » is there waw!

You have suffered, your baby has made great efforts. Pushed, compressed in the narrow space that is the maternal uterus, it is finally propelled to the open air. In a few minutes. The newborn will have to adapt to his new life. It all starts for him

     A reflex of life:

The first functions essential to its survival, the breaths and the blood circulation, go to install as soon as the expulsion. A few hours more trad, it will be those of metabolism, then the urinary and digestive functions.

With the first cry appear respiratory and cardiac functions, essential for good gas exchange in the lungs and irrigation of all organs by the blood.

The first cries are followed by little grunts, the baby shakes a little. His face was slightly blue, turning pink. Deposited on your belly, you can then make a tender acquaintance.

   First autonomy

In most maternity wards, the umbilical cord is copied after 4 to 5 minutes, by mum: p

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