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Please keep all your hopes up.. my story..

Hiya all...Just to tell ye a bit bout me...

I got my af first aged 12 and were very irregular..i could get it for a month straight then nothing for 6 months.. eventually at 15 i went on bc to try regulate it. At 16 i was told i might never have children and i was in and out of hospital for  test stomach use to bloat really bad then the pain of period was like torture I couldnt get out of bed for hours days at a time missing loads of school and work. I was waiting on more test at  age 24 when I found out i was pregnant my surprise. I had my first baby a son )2 next week) and when he was 6 month old i found out i was pregnant again my little girl. There are my two miracles as i call them. Then eventually got my appointment but they wouldnt do test as they said ive two kids and afaird to mess things up for me..

I went for another smear last month second irregular so biospy was taken and had a late 2/3 light period negative tests. Now i think this put my ovulation and pill off so this is y i am thinking there is a possibility.. ive really bad head aches and nausea and o god im wrecked but that from my babies. Il be testing wednesday if my af doesnt show.

So guys keep your hopes up.. i was devasted at 16 always knowing i wanted a family.. but look at me now. 

I feel cause i had come to terms with not been able to have kids and was talking about adoption at young age. I never was tracking anything just went with the flow... When i got with my parnter it was nearly three years together before i got my first bfp...

Sending on my love and  baby dust and luck your way.. try have fun a few stupid childish nights 😙😙

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