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Antibacterial wipe HELP

Hi ladies, 

Just after some advice from a friend of mine

She purchased the ASDA little angels highchair antibacterial wipes, to be used on surfaces too.

She wiped down the highchair and his toy.. he then put the toy in his mouth & she is fretting.

He’s fine in himself & this was yesterday.

I have screenshot the ingredients. They are fragrance and bleach free

Thank you


  • Hi, he will absolutely fine, this is what they are essentially for. If you think about Milton tablets and liquid are anti bacterial and you soak bottles in them and don’t rinse them when you make milk up etc x

  • Im sure this will be fine - babies put everything in their mouths so baby antibac wipes will take that into considerstion. I think in future best thing is to try and keep stuff away from baby until they're dry but don't worry about a one off :)

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