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Hypospadias surgery coming up - anyone else?

My little boy is 14 months old, he has a mild hypospadias and chordee which was identified at birth. We've had a surgical consultation and been told that the best option for him is surgery. We're now waiting a second consultation and op date.

Is anyone else currently going through this, or been through it and can share any experiences? We don't know anyone who has had this before and it would be great to have someone to talk to who understands!

Our son had unrelated surgery when he was 4 weeks old, so we have been through the surgical process before but obviously very different to be caring for a 4week old that barely moves and a toddler who wont sit still!

Part of me doesn't want him to have the surgery as his is so mild but then i worry about him having to go through it all when he is older anyway and more aware...It's such a tough situation to be in :(

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