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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in November 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's quite a few of you due, please do come on over here too) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in November 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around November 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. 



Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!



  • Hi November Mummies! How's everyone coping with the sleep deprivation so far? I am SOO tired 😂

  • Im so tired im not even sure which day or month we are in 😂 

  • I actually can't believe I complained so much about being uncomfortable in bed when I was pregnant! I'm breastfeeding and he never seems to be off the boob! 

    Are you managing naps during the day?

  • Mine isn’t also pretty much on the boob all the time :)

    I had only about 2 naps during the day the last 3 weeks since she was born, she sleeps at night, but lately only 2-3 hours at a time, before it was more like 4 and it was better. But still I feel more rested then when I was pregnant when I was sleeping much more but I was bone-tired and foggy, I feel like myself too, so it’s not so bad now.

  • So so tired feels like every time I go to close my eyes either baby wakes or someone is wanting me :( 

    doesnt help today everyone is back to work and baby won’t wake for her feeds or taking her bottles right at all :/ maybe she knows the people aren’t here 

  • I can't nap so trying to sleep in with baby in the morning at the moment. I feed him at about 7am and then he goes back off until 10ish. 

    We had a nearly constant stream of visitors in the first week which was lovely but absolutely shattering at the same time. I don't know about all of you but it's been a real struggle to keep up a conversation. 

    Has anybody else suffered from the baby blues? I've been much better the last couple of days but days 3-6 were absolutely awful and I'm in fear of slipping back. I think I cried more than the baby!

  • I’m shattered too even though my husband has been letting me lie in for a couple of hours without baby. I don’t know what I’ll do when he goes back to work. she is formula fed and last night between 1-3am she just wouldn’t settle at all - she cried, fed, got burped, fed some more, cried some more, got cuddled Etc and wouldn’t settle in her crib. My husband came and rescued me and as soon as he held her she went to sleep on him and he stayed awake for 3 hours watching her. 

    how are you ladies coping? Anyone having the same thing at night? She will sleep max of 3 hours at a time but usually more like 90 minutes. It’s a killer. 

  • image

    Hi ladies, 

    I haven’t been here much as I had been feeling quite bad at the end of my pregnancy. However now all is great and my little Della is 10 days old today. I have posted my dramatic labour story in the other thread 😂 

    We are sleeping quite well, during the day it depends but at night we are up around midnight, then 2/3 and then 5/6, although this night it was bit off her schedule so I will see if she is changing or not. I am yet not sleep deprived, but I keep telling myself I will go have a nap with her during day but I always end up doing something instead 😂 

    With regards to baby blues, I am feeling a bit weird, I am still not 100% convinced about all this and I am aware I am not enjoying her as much as my hubby does for example. I don’t know if it is bc of my c-section or what, but I am getting better everyday. Maybe it is also to do with the fact that if she is up and not crying/feeding/changing nappies my hubby is cuddling her so no alone cuddle time for me. 

    This is us one week post c-section getting bit of bonding (after which she was soooo calm ☺️)

  • HI Everness 

    Im so happy you and baby are good, I’ve read your birth story and it’s been a traumatic journey for you, no wonder you’re still getting over it. I Felt the same after giving birth, it wasn’t life threatening but very painful and long, and felt too that I was the one enjoying my baby the least. 

    Take it easy, have people help you and don’t worry about how you feel, it’s normal and as you recover from c section and your bloods come back to normal you’ll feel better.

    Hope you have an easy recovery x

  • Everness, we're sorry we're late in replying but huge congratulations on the birth of Adaline. What a birth you had - we hope you guys are doing well - certainly looks like you are, what an absolutely stunning photo. How is your wound healing? 

  • Everness we've dropped you an email. 

  • Hi Cristina - it is slowly getting better now, but still I am not feeling as I would want to. My hubby is all into our little one, what I get completely, but he is completely out on me. There was one thing this week that I was sooo looking forward to, our newborn photoshoot, and he managed to ruin that as well. Gosh, life with men can be so hard 🤦🏻‍♀️ I am having alone time with Della tonight until tomorrow so I hope I will be feeling better afterwards, but it is truly hard on me with the hormones (my mum told me it can be quite bad as in puerperium hormones are crazier than in pregnancy and when I was affected during pregnancy, these 6 weeks will be even harder). 

    We had our first doctor’s visit yesterday and she gained 300g in 8 days which is great ☺️ I also started the process of being able to donate my excess milk to our hospital so I hope my bloods come back normal and I will be able to do it. How are you all doing? 

    And Danielle, my wound is healing quite well, I hope 😂 it still hurts as hell when getting up in the night and my body is stiff and travelling by car over bumpy roads is no good, but most of the time I am managing quite well, the bruises from bleeding around it are almost gone now so that is good sign as well :) 

  • Anyone else suffering post natal depression? Can’t believe I’m saying this but after 4 years my depression is back 😢

  • Hello!

    my baby due on 28th November finally arrived on the 2nd December by kiwi delivery. Baby Betsi, andshe was a big 9lb4!

    Was complete opposite to m sons birth of no drugs in a midwife unit, and we had to stay in hospital for a week coming home last night! after my waters breaking and no contractions I developed sepsis but a week of antibiotics has sorted us out and so glad to be home! 

  • Catj21 - I am so sorry to hear that :( I am having a bit of rough patch due to hormones, but not full blown depression. I hope others are helping you a lot and that you will be able to sort things out soon and hopefully feel better asap. Sending positive vibes your way

    Gaeaf15 - congratulations! :)) how is it at home? :)

  • Oh Catj21, we're sorry to hear you're suffering with PND - hopefully you have support from friends and family? 

  • Hi Catj21, we just wondered how you're feeling? Are you alright? 
    How is everyone else doing? 

  • Hi ladies in new to this thread.. please help!! 

    My baby is nearly 5 weeks old And all she does all day long is scream on and off she never seems happy.. 

    really getting me down as I feel I’m not good enough. 

    anyone else? 

  • Hi Angel1996! 

    Bodhi is also nearly 5 weeks and we've also had a lot of screaming the last few days. I think he has a cold as he sounds a little snuffly.

    It's so frustrating isn't it because they obviously can't just tell you what's wrong! Sorry I can't offer any advice but they are still newborns really and I think a lot of the time he's just trying to adjust to life outside of mummy's tummy.

  • Hi ladies.

    lyla is 5 weeks tomorrow and she’s the same. Grizzly and clingy. Have you got the Wonder Weeks App on your phone? Apparently our babies are going through their first big developmental leap this week (4.5-5.5 weeks) which is meant to make them cry for no reason and want much more physical contact day and night. 

    Im hoping it’s a leap as it means it will be over soon! 

    Im absolutely shattered but I’m told in a few weeks it’ll be easier. Sending hugs x

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