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Preparing for baby and buying nappies: how many should i get?


 I have started to buy nappies so that I am prepared - how many of each new-born 1 and 2 would people think I would need? don't want to buy too less or to many - please message me if you know


  • Hi, it all depends on how big your baby is when it's born. If it's like 5lb it's going to be tiny, and probably stay in them for a while, whereas on the other hand it could be a 10lb baby and prob won't stay in them for long. Just buy the small size for the first 2 weeks say, then see how you get on...... good luck with your little bundle. Such an exciting time for you. X 

  • They say around 8-10 nappies a day is a good average to start with but it does depend on baby's size as too what sizes to get. My 1st was 5lb 13oz and in the size 1 for quite a while, my 2nd was 8lb 12oz and moved up sizes really quickly.

  • As others have said it really depends. My little girl was 9lb7 but really long and skinny so we probably used about 200 of the size 1 but a friends baby never fit even though he weighed less. Size 2 overlaps size 1 for weight so we got more of those and size 3 does up to 20 lbs so you can get loads of them.

    If you do end up with extra and nobody to pass them on to I know some charity shops take them and bundle loose ones up by size.

  • It’s not just sizing you need to think of. Don’t make the mistake we did and buy too many of the same brand! You might not get on with them. We trialled almost all of the supermarket brands before finding the one that works best for us (Tesco own brand!)

  • Ive stocked up mainly from Aldi. I’m going on the basis of 10 a day so have about 100 size 1 and 150 size 2. Sounds a lot but my nearest supermarket is at least 45 mins away so not easy to pop to! 

  • I wouldn’t.  

    We had about 4 packs of pampers (all given to us) but they didn’t suit my little one, Doctor advised us to stop using them and switch brands.  Also might be better to wait until you know babies size.  

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