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10 month old waking 5 to 10 times a night and very constipated too

Any help or reply would be great.

So for months now my 10 month old wakes at least 5 to 10 times a night. Nothing we have done has worked. 

Last 2 weeks now she very conspitated brought her doc and go a stool softener and mircolax. 

Tmi but a man wouldn't poop what's coming out. Like the poor baby giving birth. I broken over it. 

Is there someone I can go to or has anyone been threw this and got a few tips??

Like a diet or rountine please 

She goes to bed around 8 at night and we get up anytime from 7 on. She has one or two naps a day first at 9/10 and second 2.30/3 normallt 30 minutes naps.

Food she loves everything espically feeding herself.

Have a two year old as well and share a room so hard to get any sleep. My partner goes to work a 6am so days off we try sleep in or nap. 


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