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Hi. Need answers / advice 

my LB is 9 weeks old. I have a Pug, 5 years old. When I was pregnancy my poor pooch got diagnosed with cancer and had a lump removed. Before baby was born we got the all clear and she was on the mend. When bringing baby home she was fine, never had problems with her untill a few weeks in she started weeing everywhere in the house. NOT her usual self. Took her to the vets and is now on antibiotics for womb infection and has since been spaded. Now, ive found she’s acting strange. She has started climbing into his bed, Moses basket, find her sleeping in the car seat and now this morning I’ve found her in his rocker. Why is she doing this??? Is it Her marking her scent or should I be worried it’s jealousy ??? She’s also started hiding under furniture.... what is this?? 

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