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  • Hey ladies. I had a CS too, albeit an emergency one. My waters had meconium and I was nowhere near fully dilated 13 hours later So the doctors were quite worried and didn’t want to wait any longer. My baby girl, Zahra is 6 days old now. I’m on pain meds as I get this really painful ache in the right side of my stitching and general tenderness in my lower belly.  My mum’s staying over for a while so Hubby and I are getting a lot of help with the little one. 

  • Congratulations ShazzyShe! And a lovely name for your little girl ❤️

    6 days is really early so keep taking pain meds and lots of rest! That’s great you have your mum staying, it will be a good help!

    Take care x

  • imageimage

    Hi everyone!! I hope you are all doing well!! 

    My little girl Lyla was born 3 days overdue on 30th December!! We are doing great although still very tender from episiotomy but breastfeeding is much easier this time around!! I’m just delighted my little girl has a sister :) xx

  • Congratulations Shazzyshe and welcome to the world Zahra x

    DDMCA absolutey beautiful...congratulations x

  • ShazzyShe, how are you recovering? Zahra is such a beautiful name, how's she doing? 
    DDMCA, congratulations on Lyla - she is utterly gorgeous. How are you feelings? 

    Is everyone else doing alright? Have the visitors stopped coming yet? 

  • Hi everyone, you've been quiet - are you all doing ok?

    We were hoping, if anyone had a planned c-section, might you be able to help one of our due in March members please on this thread

  • How is everyone getting on with their beautiful bundles my little rainbow 🌈 is already 6 weeks old and sleeping on me right now which is why I’m free to type this 🤣 Here’s my gorgeous Charlotte all 10lb of her!!



    Absolute love of my life 💗💗💗

  • Oh she looks so lovely missmyangels <3

    Our little Alli weighted last week 4.35kg which is 2 kg more than her birth weight! Quite well done in 8 weeks I guess :)

    She is still sleeping a lot. I do wonder if anybody else has very sleepy baby? There’s days that she’s hardly awake apart from feeding times and even with those shes still quite often falling a sleep while eating. She is smiling and in general very happy baby, we just don’t have much time to see that happy baby awake.  

  • Saimi Charlotte has sleepy days if she’s had an awake day the day before!! No routine at all as yet and she’s generally going through the night other than the odd 4am(ish) feed. Charlotte is the opposite haha she cat naps throughout the day and as quick as I start to get anything done she’s awake again 🤣 it’s all perfectly normal so long as they are well and gaining weight 😊

    My little lady is really smiling a lot more as of yesterday afternoon she really got the hang of it!! Had little ones on waking from 5 weeks now increasing (7 weeks today) x

    Hope you are all well ladies love to see updates and photos from everyone 💗❤️

  • And...Alli has been having wake day today 😂 Just been taking couple of small naps...

    Smiles are awesome <3 Alli started to make some proper baby noises this week as well which is really nice change for those demanding food calls :D

  • Hi everyone, how you all getting on? WE would love to hear from you, please do let us know what's going on in your World.

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  • Hi all. I've popped over from the Jan 2019 threads,  my boy, Cooper, was due 1st Jan but arrived 20th Dec. He's 8 weeks tomorrow and going for his dreaded 8 week jabs. All going well, he's started doing 4 hours at night now and goes straight back asleep so i feel like a new woman now 🤣

  • Welcome! My girl Bea was 21st December so very close! Dreading jabs next week! Loving motherhood though- best thing ever! 



  • Charlotte had 8 week jabs today :( screamed for 2 seconds then straight back to sleep what a good girl !! 3 jabs in tops of leg and one lot of oral drops. Was advised to give 2.5ml of calpol which I just haveincase of a high temp 🤒 x3 lots 6 hrs apart and then they are fine 😊🤞🤞

    Beautiful piccie congrats ladies it’s going far too quickly!!

  • beautiful pics ladies!! 😍. 

    We are doing ok! Girls are 10weeks old today. They had their vaccinations last week and did great with it! I was worried that if they got sick / cranky from them that that would be tough x2 but they did good. They have a cold now but think my little boy shared the love there as he’s had a snotty nose too! 

    Time management is still something I’m working to get right. Trying to get the babies and 3yo up & ready in time to get 3yo to school in the mornings as well as taking care of the dogs means I’m having to get up super early... but it’s working out well as then I get some 1:1 time with my little man before the girls wake up & he’s definitely benefiting from that. My main problem is in the evenings... trying to juggle everyone plus get dinner ready is not something I’ve perfected yet & dinner is sometimes not ready until gone 7 which means little man isn’t getting to bed until gone 8 & that’s no good for him. Having slow cooker meals definitely helps with this as I can get the prep done in the mornings but I only have a few ‘go to‘ slow cooker recipes and could do with some more variety! Any of you ladies have some good easy slow cooker recipes you could share? 

    Heres a few pics of the girls from their newborn photo shoot ☺️


  • SW2: Oh my... respect! I don’t know how you do it to be honest! I’m not getting diner done every day before my husband gets back from work even though I only have one baby to look after. 

    I have to admit I’m waiting our little one to get a bit bigger and older. Maximum time between the feeds is 4 hours at th moment but that happens only occasionally. Most of the time it’s 2-3 hours from the start of the previous feed that she wants the next one. How’s others are doing with feeds?

    Breast feeding didn’t go as planned so I’m pumping and bottle feeding and it seems that still at 10 weeks only things I do are pumping, feeding and sterilising. 

  • I feel you saimi!! I feel like all I’m doing is feeding!! Mostly it’s 2 hours between feeds (start to start) but sometimes 3.  Never more than 3 during the day but they have started to do a 6ish hour stretch at night most nights which is awesome! I must admit that I’m not enjoying breastfeeding at all this time around. With my son it was such a lovely bonding experience... I could snuggle him in & look @ him & hold him close etc. With the twins I tandem feed at home (both football hold) so I don’t get to snuggle them in.. between that & the frequency of their feeds I feel like a cow & quite disconnected & fed up with it which I’m sad About. I do feed them separately when we are out & that feels much nicer but it’s just not practical to do that all the time as if never get anything else done! 

  • SW2 my heart has just melted 💗💗💗

  • Oh my they are beautiful SW2...perfect. You are doing amazing x

    I am enjoying breastfeeding but very tired and she only goes 2hrs inbetween! Half term here now so looking forward to pj days and not stressing about getting 5kids into a routine. 

    So far we have enjoyed baby massage and started baby sensory class.

    First time swimming today😍

  • Oh wow TAM that’s so cool you are doing so many activities with the babies!! The base we are on right now has very limited structured activities for kids so I’m bummed about that! when my son was little we did all sorts (story time, music and movement class, science museum etc): There is a kinder music class I might see about signing up for here but it’s pretty expensive I think So I’ll have to look into it. 

    Its good to hear that the 2 hour nursing thing seems ‘normal’ At this age... I was thinking they should be going longer between feeds right now. 

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