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  • Hello how is everyone doing? Sorry haven't been online in a long while!
    We were 11 weeks yesterday... where is all of the time going! Cant believe it's been almost a year since joining this group :blush:
    Loving being a mummy  <3<3<3
  • All good here Charlotte is 11 weeks it’s going too quickly 😢😢
  • Hi all, we're wondering, do any of you have experience with colic or reflux? 
    If so, any chance you can get help this lovely new mum who has a three week old baby? Her thread is here. 
  • Hi DanielleMFM I’ve sent some words of encouragement but mine don’t suffer but given a few ideas :) It’s so awful when babies have colic I know friends who have suffered:/
    Theres a chair on the market I’ve seen but unfortunately not cheap so I made some suggestions she’s certainly doing a great job already:)
  • I've tried also with some non experience advice... hopefully the poor lady can find something which provides relief for her little one today!
    So grateful we don't suffer with it!
  • Yes we are lucky! All 4 have mine have been great all but a bit of trapped wind!! How’s your little one Charlotte is now 12 weeks smiling all the time and chuckled today it made my heart melt 💗
    12lb now and looking podgy 🤣😍
  • Where are you all ladies in need of some updates & piccies of these beautiful bubbas?! Hope your little bundles are all thriving 😍
  • Was trying to upload a photo but it won't work 😫
    She was 12 weeks yesterday! We are weighing tomorrow and going for our first look at the local babytime group... haven't had a weight check in just over a month but she's a little chub 😍 Love her rolls and squidgy cheeks 😂
  • Haha yes they start putting it on a bit now let me know how much she weighs! We can compare chubbies 🤣
    I cant post any pics now as it says file too big every time usually they just posted off my iPhone? I’ll check with admin as I don’t know how to shrink them 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Ahh that's why yes my photos are too big 🙈
    Will do! It's been frustrating as I'm exclusively bf and when she was born I had comments about not being enough for her as she was cluster feeding 🙄 now I'm told I must be feeding her too much and need to watch she doesn't get fat 🙈🙈 goodness sake everyone loves to judge don't they lol.
    I love baby noises 😍 chuckles so cute aren't they!
    I managed to catch her first full on giggle attack on camera at the weekend. They're growing sooo quickly!
  • Hi guys. Sorry about the pic posting problem. We're afraid we currently have a limit on picture sizes, but you can still post your pic. Either take a screengrab of the pic you want to post, and use that OR head to this thread and it will tell you how to shrink your images. Please let us know if you need any help.
  • Well done you my milks really thinned out so bottle fed SMA she takes 6 x 4oz bottles per day and sleeps through from 10pm to 5-6am so I’m chuffed with that 😃💤 she’s a pickle in the day barely naps at all !!
  • Thanks Danielle you’re a star I’ll check it out later 😊
  • Ah that's great for sleeping through bless her!
    We were waking up once at night but since the 8 week vaccs it can be once, twice, three times a night 🙈
    She got weighed today and she's 12lb 9.5! She's following 50th curve now. I haven't managed to get the photo small enough in size with a screen shot so will have to have a look at the thread 😊
  • Hello everyone and happy December to you and your babies who are turning 1, some who already have! 
    To celebrate their birthday's we have kicked you off a December 2018 Toddlers thread - we would dearly love to see you over there. Please come and tell us how you're spending their first birthday, how life is treating you, and anything ele you might have been up to, over on the new thread. We hope to see you there soon! 
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