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Crying 4 month recently started..


So my baby girl is now 4 months and is usually very calm. 

After feeding and changing she can lay on her playmat/ be in her swing for 1-2 hours whilst I get on with other things or see to her 1 year old sister. 

Recently my little one has started to cry alot and will continue to cry untill picked up i though maybe she wanted to be held and cuddled but even in some positions when being held she will still continue to cry.. I was told it could be colic so after continuous winding and colic medicine she is still the same. Could anybody help pls thankyou. 


  • It does sound like colic have you tried dentinox? Also not sure if bottle fed but you could try anti colic milk and bottles - I always used dr browns bottles and they really helped keep colic at bay in my very refluxy baby... that is also something  think about as it makes them very unconftable ... have a look for signs of reflux too the best indication is they improve if held upright 

  • Once babies been fed you need to keep them upright for an hour if they are struggling

    It could be trapped wind. Try some anti colic bottles, bicycle legs on them and wind more during feeding, they also like to be held on their stomach abit like a rugby ball if that makes sense, it helps their tummy troubles. See if that helps.

    My baby developed bad wind randomly at around 4 months old and was the same

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