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10 week old with really bad trapped wind

My baby is 10 days old and seems to have trapped wind. His legs are wriggling around as if he is trying to pass wind but just can't and looks very uncomfortable.

This tends to happen predominately at night/early hours and he just won't settle. 

I am breast feeding and bottle feeding and both seem to suit him well but he nor myself and partner get any sleep.

He seems to settle on his front on my chest but that's about it.

Do you have any suggestions?? I'm finding it pretty hard to deal with.

Thank you 


  • Doing the biycle legs on them seems to work well for relieving trapped wind ( google it and theres videos ) id also stop feeding him around every ounce or 2 and wind him then carry on.

    We had a month or so where my baby really struggled with trapped wind and both of the above helped.

    We also used gripe water aswell

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