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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in January 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's quite a few of you due, please do come on over here too) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in January 2019 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around January 2019, do please feel free to post and join in. 



  • I know Cooper was born in December, but i know all you guys and your stories so im sticking here xxx

  • I'm staying too, even though Adam decided to be a November baby lol! Xxx

  • Gosh Apricot, how's he doing? Xxx

  • I'm here too! Logan just missed January so I think that totally counts 😂 

  • Hi Chelle,

    Adam is well... weighing 4lb 7.5oz today. Feeding still a challenge but getting better. Had his tongue-tie snipped on Friday and he is breastfeeding more now. Still pumping and topping up with bottles, but at least it's all breast milk which I'm happy about!

    I'm really just glad I am an experienced mum or else all these challenges would be too much!

    How is Cooper doing? And Jdoo, how are you getting on with Logan?

    ...gone midnight, but I have a wide awake little man!

    image Xxx 

  • That's great news apricot. Glad to hear hes doing well. Logan is doing great, increased his appetite and he is sleeping for longer spells, just not at night! I found it such a struggle at first as my milk didn't come in and I couldn't express much. However I'm continuing to pump and it's getting better each day, Logan is only needing topped up with formula once or twice a day.


    Was not prepared for the sleep deprivation and it's really been affecting me but we are now in a routine where we split the night up so at least one of us gets a sleep. 


    But when you look at the face it is soooo worth it!!!


  • Aww they're both amazing. 

    That's fab Apricot. He's gaining and will get better now at the feeding.

    Jdoo that's good hes sleeping longer, we're not getting longer than 2 hours. Night times are horrendous. He screams as soon as hes put down yet fine during the day. Hes waking Skye in the night too which is then hard work trying to settle him and stop the toddler mauling him. Luckily i know this phase wont last forever. Ideally need a routine by next week as that's when hubby goes back to work, 11 days away and 3 home.

  • Aw Logan is adorable Jdoo!!

    Nights are always gonna be hard as its when babies are programmed to stimulate your milk supply!! That said it's so much harder now I'm older lol.

    So hard with a toddler to manage too... we are lucky that Nancy is now in with her big sister and goes to bed nicely now (used to have her in with us until she fell asleep each night) but Adam cries so much when I'm getting his bottle warmed it often wakes her and everyone else!!

    As you said the Chelle,  it's just a phase and doesn't last forever! Xxx

  • I'm finding this colicky stage so difficult. Feel so frustrated that nothing I'm trying is helping Logan's tummy. Anyone got any good tips? 

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  • Jdoo, awww must be awful. With my first we tried allsorts -infacol, gripe water, dentinox colic drops, sitting up holding him. We found raising his mattress worked,only slightly. Hope he's soon better xxx

  • Hi all, how are you getting on with those babies? Is it snowing where you are? 

    Can anyone who had a planned c-section, help one of our due in March members please on this thread? 

  • I’m still waiting for my bubba! Anyone else? 

  • Hey all. Hows everyone doing? Were slowly getting into a routine. If im not dressed as soon as i get up that's it till 2.30 till i have to do afternoon school run 🙈

    Coopers a little fatty, had his 6 week check last week and he was 12lb 11. Theres no filling him.

    Still struggling with the wind, only because  mummy forgets to use the infacol.

    Still havent managed a morning school run, luckily my mum is round the corner and passes on the way to work.


  • Awww zoe , this is the longest wait ever isn't it. 

  • How are we all? We’ve also got a colic baby but luckily the infacol seems to be helping out with him. 

    Thoughts with all those who are waiting for their babies still! I remember the frustration well 

    up to date picture of Arden


  • Love his hair Chech! Well Brodie doesn't have any problems with wind thankfully but she does seem to have her day and night mixed up. She sleeps really well throughout the day on and off obviously. The last few nights she has been up between 9pm and 3/4am.. The whole time! She's not upset or anything but grunting away and wanting attention. I got her to sleep finally at 3am this morning and she got up at 5 for a feed! I'm done in! Any advice?! 

  • Sorry colpage can't advise! We are struggling with Logan with reflux, I am at the end of my tether with him, we can't put him down for more than 20 mins before he starts wriggling and squirming and generally being unsettled and then starts screaming but he will sleep quite happily on us for a few hours. We have tried all tips that we have found online. Been given gaviscon which made him constipated and he was screaming in pain which was worse than the reflux. He's now on lactose free milk but not sure if that's doing anything. Appointment with doc tomorrow so fingers crossed. We are both utterly exhausted! But he's soo cute! X

  • Good luck Jdoo!

    colpage, we’re in the exact same position with Arden! During the day he will sleep fine, after 5am he will take a bottle and go straight to sleep for like 4 hours at a time. Between 10pm and 3am he just will not sleep. White noise helps a little but only if we get him to sleep in the first place. He prefers downstairs so weve been alternating sleeping on the couch but we’re working on it. If you find anything that works please let me know 

  • Oooh one thing we have found that works for a wee while is brown noise, it's a lower frequency than white noise. Might be worth a try x

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