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4 month old sleeping a lot

Hello, in the last week or so my 4 month old baby girl is sleeping a lot more and feeding less.

She sometimes finishes her bottle but sometimes only has half. She use to aways finish her bottles. Aslo when feeding her sometimes she'll have a few sips then start chewing on the teat and pushing it out of her mouth with her hand.

Does anyone else's babies done/do this?


  • The sleep thing could be a growth spurt i Know my baby had a few days of sleeping right through the night (never usually does) I was advised that it was maybe a growth spurt.

    if you are concerned about the feeding defenitly speak to your health visitor and perhaps get the baby weighed as well just to make sure she isn’t dropping centiles 

  • Mine did the exact same, they have a growth spurt around that time so dont worry 

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