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My baby is constantly feeding.

So my baby boy was born in september weighing 8lb6oz. He has been on formula since day one! Got weighed again at his 7 week health visitor check and he was 14lb5 and at the very top of the chart. He's now 17 weeks and on 8oz bottles every 3hours. He's in 9-12 month clothing and he's weighing 21lbs. I was just wondering if anyone else had big, big babies or is it something I should get checked? 


  • Wow! you should probably discuss it with your health visitor, if his growth charts are normal and hes not suddenly jumped centiles it probably isnt anything to worry about. Im sure when you got him weighed if it was anything to worry about they would have referred him x 

  • Excentrict as long as he's steady rising and across the board bigger I wouldn't worry to much.

    I have 3 dc & dc#4 due sept. My 1st was born 8lb 6 oz, for the 1st 3m I breastfed but found it exhausting trying to keep up with him so switched to formula and weaned at 4m (he's dairy intolerant which didn't help as was regularly sick then hungry again) but he was always in the 97% for weight height and head circumference so just all over big. 

    My 2nd dc was a tiny 6lb 12oz and I breastfeed her for 6m before switching to formula and although she was smaller she was still in the 75% across the board quite soon.

    My 3rd dc was my biggest at 9lb 6oz and was breastfeed for 9m before switching and she too has also always been in the 95%.

    My point being I have always had "bigger" children and only had one very good midwife that could see they were just proportionally bigger, but all 3 are happy healthy active children that are just generally bigger. As an example my 13yr old wears small mens clothes (but has got a little 6pack bless him) my almost 10yr old is in 13/14yr old clothes and my almost 3yr old has just gone into 4/5yrs. Also just to add all my children are average to their peers so again not alien clearly 😂 there are plenty bigger and smaller so would say mine are pretty average.

    If ur at all worried speak to ur health visitor but from experience the statistics are dated and I don't believe to much emphasis should be put on them if the child is proportionate happy and healthy go with it. The only sad part is that it does mean they arent little for very long so would say enjoy it as its hard to find clothes especially for my almost 10yr old that doesn't make her look like a teen 😥 x

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