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Pyloric stenosis

My 10 week old has been projectile spitting up for about 1 month. It started at 2 weeks as normal spitting up and we were told it was reflux, for which he was prescribed Zantac. He spits up forcefully after every nursing session and is then hungry again. The last 2 days he has started crying out in pain and screaming his little lungs out. He is gaining weight and has good urine output, but he only has 1 or 2 bowel movements a week. He is always hungry and I nurse on demand but I feel like I'm just making it worse because he throws up everything that he takes in. I took him to the doctor a week ago and they scheduled him for ultrasound and upper gi but it's not until the 29th, 1 week from now. What do I do to help him while we wait for these tests? I really feel like I should take him to the emergency room but I'm afraid they won't do anything for him. The doctors in my area are a joke. 

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