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13 week old baby won’t stop crying

for the past 3 days, my 13 week old baby has started crying all day. She used to be like this but since justvafter Christmas things had been a lot better and I thought we’d got over it. 

Im at my wits end going through this again and I’ve no idea how to help her. 

Sge has been feeding but today today has been really fussy so I’m now starting to worry that she isn’t taking enough milk. 

She had her 12 week i he toons yesterday so not sure if that is affecting her. 

Has as anyone been through similar? I really hope this crying don’t last to much longer, I want my happy little girl back.


  • Is the crying mainly after feeding ? Has she  been like this mainly since birth or is it new 

    Babies cry for a reason and it sounds like she could be uncomfortable maybe ? Have you been to the doctors and discussed whether it could be colic or silent reflux

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