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Return to work after maternity

Hi there, 

Im not due to return to work for a good few months yet,however am wondering if it will be worth my time as after childcare and travel three hours there and back I would earn just £20.

Has anyone else had this? I would like to return to work on a part time basis if I could or potentially a few evenings. Can anyone recommend work that could accommodate ? I’m currentry a pa but not afraid to turn my hand to anything. I also wonder if you can claim some kind of tax Credits if you are working?  Xx


  • You will no doubt thrive with adult contact, work tasks etc. As much as we love our babies they are taxing and being an adult again is amazing. You both have a fun day, and come back and bond. It isn't as scary as I thought it would be. But everyone feels differently about time away. We were so worried about day care but our baby has thrived there. Most babies are fine after a few days. Check the reports when you check out day care centres. Pick the best with staff that love the job. Ask all the hard questions. How do you discipline, where can baby sleep etc. We grilled them and they had good answers haha. All will be fine with care. babies are fine after 2 weeks max, they accept the new arrangement. Most in a few days once they realise how fun other babies and play time is. They do such engaging activities ( we stole a few creative ideas we hadn't thought of for home)

    You can go on the government+ tax, benefit calculator online. Put your (and partners details in as accurate as possible) they will tell you what you would be entitled too in regards to top up support and child care vouchers etc. The partner cap for pay is £18k. It is a very changing time so wanted to give a full answer image

  • If you do decide to go back to work, maybe check out childminders? They’re a bit cheaper than nursery where I live.

    Check out the governments tax free childcare accounts too. Saves us a little bit each month.

  • you could look at compressed hours, so you can long hours over fewer days and therefore save on a day or 2 of childcare. I’ve found that a lot of admin jobs and finance assistant jobs offer part time work too. 

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