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Ill, teething, or separation anxiety

So my LO is 9 months, the last 5 days he hasn’t been himself. It’s started with him being grizzly and I noticed he has a high temp which stayed for the first 2 days, he had calpol which settled him. 

now his temp has cleared, but he’s still really upset. He’s gone very clingy and cries so much. He cries when he’s in his high chair or in the middle of playing and though the night and sometimes he’s still crying as i comfort him. Although, through the day he’s usually fine being in my arms aslong as I’m standing up! 

Ive been to the doctor today, who confirmed his ears, throat, chest and everything seems fine. He did suggest giving him iberprofen instead of paracetamol which we have done today which seems to have helped a little.

Im just not sure what’s going on or what I can do to help. 


  • My LO is also just 9 month and over the last month had started to become clingy but had been very ill since November.

    I think he is suffering with separation anxiety but I try to distract him with different toys and taking him out of the house etc.

    Nursery have said he is clingy also but only goes 2 days a week.

    I think they go through a lot at this age with development and fighting illnesses and changes in routine and feeding habits and needing us a lot more than usual.

    There isn't much in the way of advice that I could give but just know your not the only one. I've learnt to embrace it a bit as I'm back at work.

    It's hard to get stuff done when they are clinging to you it's ok to leave them to cry for a minute or 2 whilst you go to the toilet or make  drink. leave everything else till later.

    You are doing everything right and it won't harm them to walk away for a minute or 2 to get a breather and its ok to let them cling as well.

    Also I've found baby ibuprofen works much better tan calpol!

    One day they will no longer want to cling to us x

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