How long was your labour with your second baby?

hi girls i was in active labour for 7 hours (pre labour lasted from 12am- 7pm) first pregnancy. Just wondering how long was everyone else's labour with there second. Was yOur second labour quicker than your first or doesn't it depend on that.  


  • I didn't know I was in labour first time until examined and found to be 10cms and ready to push so not sure but had backache from the day before. Second time around pains started at 2am, lost plug at 2.30am, got to hospital at 6.30am and he was born at 9.40am so was probably quicker. X

  • Well on my first I was induced and baby came very fast.. 40 minutes labour and then time to push... 

    On my second went to hospital little bleed and they told me I was 5cm and brought to labour room and baby already on way out when I sat on bed. So my second was way faster was told if I didn't come up I would have baby at home.

    So yes quicker and actually push 2 pushes and there she was. Ha ha 

  • First I laboured for 36 hours active for 7. With second I barely made it the hospital they had to make a guess in the notes. My waters went at 10pm and went hospital late next afternoon because hadn’t felt any contractions and I know you have to get induced after 24hr oh waters going. The midwife checked and said I was 3cm, she went to make me a cup of tea while my partner got the bags out the car and I had to press the button couple minutes later no one was there lol

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