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Need help getting my partner doing night feeds

my son is 4 months old, up until 2 weeks ago i fed him myself exclusively. i now feed him myself during the day, and bottle at night. I’m currently in my final year at university and attend 2 days a week, so I could I really do with a little bit of sleep the nights before. My partner has done 2 feeds since my son being bottle fed at night, not even two full nights.. two separate feeds.

last night he did one of these two feeds and this morning he demanded a ‘lie in’ because that’s what’s fair. 

Desperatley need the sleep. Advice on getting my partner more involved with the feeds so I can get some?


  • Men are a disaster.. I have had many fights with my partner about feeds. I've 2 kids close together.

    Well I physically woke him at night every time I woke for baby and in morning dragged him out od bed untill he got it and I said all I want is every second fed or every second night.. 

    Sleep in come on tell him get over it.. Mother struggle on with no sleep or sleep in.. Or Try me and partner do ever second sleep in now.

    I've had this discussion with so many people we are program to wake and keep on going where men take a bit or alit of encouragement to do it. 

    Sit him down and explain it to him. 

    Best of luck xx 

  • Hey my daughter is now 4 months old. (2 months premature) now sleeps through the night 12 hours.


    I found my partner was pretending to sleep so he didn't get up. Instead I ask him to make the bottle and wind and I feed and put to bed. Try coming up with a way that works for you both. 

    The other thing we do is he does the feed before bed and first thing in the morning and I do ones in between. That way he gets sleep and so do i.

    I hope this helps. 

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