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Episiotomy infection

I gave birth just over 2 weeks ago and had to have forceps delivery and episiotomy. There were complications with my bladder after the birth and I was kept in hospital for 4 days. While in hospital I contracted a hospital based infection which started to make me feel very unwell however I just thought I was physically exhausted. I was discharged from hospital but the next day I was certain there was something wrong due to the pain and a smell coming from the wound. I went back to hospital and doctors discovered the infection and I was rushed to theatre where they had to scrape away the infected tissue. Doctors advised that they don’t restitch so the wound has to heal itself. This is a very rare situation but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or experienced a deep episiotomy wound healing itself. I’m desperate to hear any positive stories. This is having a massive impact on my day to day living and is effecting bonding with my baby :(

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