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Flying with an 11 month old!

Hi guys, I have a long haul flight with my son who will be then 11 months old. Brave I know! However the flight company don’t have bassinets (cheers Thomas cook!) and so now Im unsure how on earth I’m going to put him down. He won’t sleep on me or his dad anymore, and when he does sleep he sleeps on his belly. If he sleeps on his back he startled himself awake. We upgraded the seats so he has more room to play, and I’m considering booking an extra seat for him, but any ideas on anything I can buy for him to sleep on would be wonderful! I can’t find anything useful. Thank you!


  • Have a look at the Stokke Jetkids Bedbox - it's like a wheely kids suitcase that turns the airplane seat into a bed. There are quite a few things like this on the market, some a lot cheaper than the Stokke (maybe try and get a second hand one on ebay cause these cost loads) but this could be just what you're after. 

  • Thank you! I will check it out.

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