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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in March 2019 who have given birth (or are about to give birth) to an equally lovely baby – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in March 2019 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around March 2019, do please feel free to post and join in. 



  • Hello can u upload how to downsize the pics again please xx
  • KG 101 said:
    Hello can u upload how to downsize the pics again please xx

    Here you go KG 101 - you can either screengrab your pic and try and post that or follow this little guide here
  • Thanks Bear to be great advice xx
  • Hi @DanielleMFM thanks for the tag. 
    Ladies, how are you all doing?
     Still here waiting. I’ve got a scan tomorrow just to check the weight, I think it’s unnecessary at this point oh well. I get to see the baby just before birth.

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  • Hi sharyoh I hope things happen for u soon, how r u feeling now?? Hope everyone else is doing well? Baby 9 days old today and must tell u I’m sick of visitors anyone else? I’m so tired and hubby back in work Sunday and just feels all surreal and like I haven’t caught up, I know a lot of your feel the same! Just a few questions for u all as I’m slightly concerned... in the pregnancy I had symptoms of carpal tunnel due to seedling in my hands , anyways these don’t seem to have subsided even tho the swelling has and my hands are so painful which I can only imagine what arthritis feels like! I’m also struggling to hold my urine and feel like I need to go to the toilet for a wee all the time, even trying to stop it mid flow is impossible (sorry tmi) lastly this is my third but I feel so sad and come down like I just feel glum all the time like I feel when I come back off holiday and have the blues , not that I’m comparing going on holiday to having a new baby but does anyone understand what I mean just like it’s a big high for so long and grateful baby is here safe and well but now I feel flat.

    sorry for the essay but if anyone could help and offer some advice of their own experiences then that will be greatly appreciated xx
  • Thanks @KG 101 everything went well with the scan and I insisted on having a word the the consultant on call, good thing we work together. Caught up with him as he was rounding off his clinic and he said and I could have a sweep from 39weeks which is today💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Then I went to chase a midwife in the assessment unit to book me in for one ASAP as my midwife is fully booked until 29th😡. She put a request in and I got a call this morning to come for a sweep at 2pm. Now I’m battling with cold feet😜
    time flies after birth, I restricted visitors when I had my son, my cousin came day after to bring me food, my mom wasn’t booked to come in until 3weeks after so we had a proper bonding time and by the time my mom came to help we already established a routine. 

  • Hi @KG 101 I wanted to reply, as the way you are feeling was pretty much exactly how i felt when i had my baby (a long time ago now). The visitors were doing my head in - felt like i couldn't get into a routine, as it was like a revolving door of people, touching the baby. You know, sometimes you just have to say no, and don't feel guilty! You need this time. 
    Also, if you feel you might have the baby blues creeping in, would you feel comfortable speaking to your health visitor? (I had the blues) 

  • Sharyoh Im so happy u finally got booked in today at 2 good luck girl and thanks for the advice! 

    Danielle thanks so much for the reply!i wrote the post this morning and that’s when I feel my worst! I know It is overwhelming with visitors and I vowed I wouldn’t let them make me feel this way after my last pregnancy but it’s so hard to say no!! Plus I made the effort to drive far the other day to see my mum who is currently battling her own demons and when I got their she didn’t answer and was worried about her ect , plus so much doom and gloom in the media at the min I just feel like I’ve got to be responsible for everyone else and I feel like a black cloud over my head , I’m in the doctors at half 4 so hopefully that will help! Sorry I seem like a negative nelly just hoping no one else feels this way ❤️❤️
  • @sharyoh how was your sweep? 
    @KG 101 overwhelming is the key word - it really can be. Will you have a chat with your doc, just to keep an eye on things? I'm sending you a massive virtual fist pump followed by a hug! 

  • Thanks hun and yes I am going to xx 
  • @KG 101 in as much as there’s a lot going on you do need to look after yourself. It’s very important. Sending you a big hug. I’m sure visitors will be quite understanding if you either cut their visit short or tell them you need some rest when they ask before turning up. 

    @DanielleMFM just had the sweep...the midwife said it might be the start of something. 
  • Thanks sharyoh and I do hope ur progressing good luck with the labour xx
  • Hi all, hope we are well. 
    Well, this being a mum is hard work isn’t it!
    KG I know how you feel. I’m recovering from a section and having sonething physical on top of the emotion and exhaustion can be hard going. Please look after yourself! 
    Isaac is almost two weeks old and I’ve no idea where the times gone; it has been a steep learning curve. 
    My husband goes back to work tomorrow which is terrifying. 
    Isaac also doesn’t sleep well at night- I think he’s got reflux as he’s sick every time we put him down. Even after lots of winding and half an hour of being more upright before being laid down. I’m going to mention to health visitor tomorrow but if anyone has any good ideas let me know - the lack of sleep is a killler.
    hope everyone is getting on ok! 
  • @Springstart1 Emily was the same - try getting some infacol  - makes a massive difference 
  • @KG 101 I’m doing ok...nothing yet. How are you feeling today? Did you see the GP yesterday? I do hope you feel better soon

    @Springstart1 lack of sleep is a killer..try some infacol to settle his tummy that should help. I’m sure he’ll sleep better once you’ve got his tummy settled. 

    @MrsBeeL how are you and Emily holding up? 
  • @sharyoh we are doing great thanks. Emily has finally got her weight back up and we have tongue tie clinic on Tuesday, infacol is helping in the mean time so I can at least put her down sometimes, so it’s looking good!

    how are you doing?!
  • How are you feeling KG? Sorry it’s been so tough for you, I completely sympathise. I get so grumpy with visitors and have just started being really selfish and saying we’re already busy or staying upstairs feeding if people just call in! Get your hubby to say no for you to take the pressure off you. It is just all so overwhelming, you’re knackered, emotions and hormones are all over the place, sounds like there’s lots going on in the background too. Be kind to yourself, take each day one at a time, don’t bully yourself, you’re not a bad mum, you’re don’t need to feel guilty, you’re not letting anyone down, you’re through a major life change and you’re allowed to find it tough settling in to that. We put so much pressure on ourselves to feel grateful we’ve had a healthy baby and to try and enjoy it that all we do is make ourselves feel worse. Thinking of you. Let us know if you need anything xx
  • @KG 101 I put a ban on visitors. Cancelled on people and said it wasn’t a good time. We closed the door to the living room with me and Emily and dh went to the front door if people knocked on and just said I was feeding so not a good time!
    Protect yourself and NEVER feel guilty about it! Your baby needs you happy and healthy! 
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