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3 month old fighting sleep help any advice needed

Aimee931Aimee931 Regular
edited Apr 3, 2019 11:57AM in Baby
My 3 month old all of a sudden has started really fighting his sleep day and night he’s happy when he’s awake but as soon as he gets tired he starts screaming and he hates the feeling of us trying to get him to sleep so if we stop trying he’s still crying cause he’s tired even if I try and get him to sleep before he starts crying it doesn’t matter full on melt down starts. He will not self soothe himself to sleep and once he’s asleep he will not allow you to put him down even us holding him and rocking him to sleep he goes into full blown melt down until he gives in. I’m too scared to put him down cause the last few times we have he wakes instantly and then it’s 10 times harder I don’t mind holding him if it means he sleep and then the next time he won’t be so bad but it doesn’t matter how long he sleeps the next time he wants to go to sleep he goes into screaming melt down we have tried everything we can think of pram, car, swaddle, lying next to him, Moses basket and cot nothing works. Is this just a phase he’s going through? 


  • hey theres a type in google overtired baby theres a site which gives u tip theres to much info to try explain thought id comment to try help and hope the site i gave u gives u some advice xx
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