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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in April 2019 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in April 2019 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around April 2019, do please feel free to post and join in. 

Don't forget to bookmark the new thread by hitting the green star ⭐️next to the thread title, so you don't miss out on any notifications. 



  • Tagging those who have had their babies so far - we can't wait to see all of you here! 
    @Cloudlover @hope again @Diz0907 @al197701 @Lailalolo @Chkitty @Aoife86

  • Had our bounty photos back and I’m so in love with her 🥰 did anyone else get bounty’s photos done? 
  • Arr chkitty. We’re they expensive? I want some doing, just deciding which way to get them as the one place I was thinking about going is an hour bus ride away each way
  • This one was done in the hospital did cost us £199 but we do get a photo album, all digital prints, photo canvas, large prints, small photo prints and key rings. We also have a professional shoot booked Thursday for her but we learnt the hard way with our wedding photographer he screwed us over a  little so we know spend the money when it comes to photos. was well worth it x
  • @Chkitty that is such a beautiful pic!

  • Thank you 🌸
  • I agree you get what you pay for. I’m tempted by the professional ones. Will have to decide soon lol
  • Tagging new mum @HarleyLia Congratulations! 

  • Tagging new mum @Mellymop92 - congratulations to you too! We loved the purple hat too!

  • Congratulations everyone! Lovely to see these cute baby photos <3 Lovely photo Chkitty, congrats on your little fairy :) we had a bounty shoot too :) 

    This is Liam James Harrison born on 06/03/19, four weeks early as he was due on 02/04/19. :) 
    He was born 5lbs 9oz, 50cm :) 
    He's now 6 weeks old and thriving :) 

  • Arr congratulations Cloudlover isn’t he beautiful :)
  • @Cloudlover he is just scummy 🥰
  • Tagging all the new arrivals @Griff001 @Townie @BellaBell @Imo2727 and congratulations! 
    For those of you that had c-sections, are you able to help with this thread please? 
  • Congratulations Cloudlover and Chkitty pictures are beautiful
  • Congratulations @Abbie1993 on the birth of Ayla Reese - fancy sharing a pic? 

  • Verity is now 4 weeks old and is doing fab xx
  • @dawyldthing congratulations! Come join the thread. 

    Hello everyone else too, how are you all doing?
    Do you have a few mins to help with any of these threads please?
    We have a lovely member looking for advice about what to pack and what to leave behind in her hospital bag. Her thread is here.
    Also do you have any pointers on breastfeeding clothes? That thread is here.
    And finally, take our survey to be in with the chance of winning a holiday in Croatia at a private villa. Thank you :blush:

  • She's gorgeous Al!

    Harrison is now 8 days old and doing really well.  His cord fell off yesterday so he had his first bath this morning, didn't cry!! 
  • Has anyone had experience with overactive / forceful let down? Pretty sure that's what I've got - we both end up getting soaked at each feed and poor bubs gets squirted in the face! 
  • Hi lovely ladies!
    I’m excited to finally announce the safe arrival of our darling little girl born on Sunday 28th at 6:59am, 4 days after her due date. She is my lightest baba weighing in at 8lbs 1oz and was born in water (in the exact same birthing pool as her brother and sister!) after a super sonic quick labour 😅 She still hasn’t a name quite yet 🙈

    I’ve enjoyed hearing all your, very different, birth stories so here’s mine...

    I had a late night bath on the Saturday evening and was trying to encourage labour by certain means! I got out the bath and into bed, messaging my parents that I had an inkling I might go into labour the next day. Before I knew it ‘pop’ my waters brokejust before midnight!
    Having always had a desire to be a midwife, I’m a strange sort and pregnancy and birth has always fascinated rather than phased me. However my only real fear was my water popping and me instantly giving birth as I did pretty soon after my waters broke with my daughter. Despite my waters pretty much constantly leaking I had no contractions but was asked to go in to hospital to be checked. To be honest I was secretly pleased just in case I was one of these freak woman that have a baby with no pain (no such bloody luck I assure you 🤣)
    I was a mere 1cm when checked although started having quite regular yet mild contractions by the time I was leaving the hospital to return home at around 3am. They gave me about 32 hours before I had to come back needing to be induced if labour hadn’t progressed. How I laughed and said I bet you I’ll be back and have had baby in the next 4 hours...and guess what? I was blooming right 😮
    Going home to have a sleep was definitely not going to happen (although of course other half had to make sure he was prepared for labour with a little snooze!) Contractions instantly started getting more intense. They went from every 6-7 ish minutes to less than 3 minutes in under an hour. My poor parents had just arrived home and into bed again before they had to get out and come straight back.
    My other half drove at the speed of light and we arrived back at the hospital at around 6am to the sounds of “wow that progressed quickly you were right” I do wish they’d listen when you tell them it will be quick 🙃
    I had to follow peoples’ voices as I was literally closing my eyes and concentrating on staying on top of the pain until I got hold of my much beloved gas an air! Honestly having experienced both super sonic and long 3 day labours, I would hand on heart say I preferred the latter as pain is gradual and easier to stay on top of rather than wham, bam thank you ma’am.
    I was desperate to have my 3rd water birth and asked them to hurry up and fill the pool up. I made it in and enjoyed floating around like a beached whale. My other half was on ‘gas and air and stopping me drowning duty’ 😂
    By this point contractions were tres strong and looooooong. I wasn’t checked for how much I had dilated as I think it was pretty obvious I was nearly there by this point. I *think* I was in the pool for about 30 mins before baby was ready to come. Out of all 3 of mine this was probably the most painful birth yet but so, so beautiful at the same time.
    Our little girl came up straight to my chest and lifted her head staring into my eyes for the longest time! Since the day she was born she continues to spends an age just looking directly at you and following people’s voices. We are all so besotted 😍
    I hope you are all finding your feet with you new bundles of joy and are not putting too much pressure on yourselves as you adapt to one of life’s most beautiful but most challenging changes x
    P.s. I don’t know about you ladies but personally my boobs are about 4 x the size of baby’s head 🤣
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